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Cell Phones as an Educational Tool!

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Alexandra Fischer

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Cell Phones as an Educational Tool!

Cell Phones as an Educational Tool!
Now days 71% of students are texting or using their cell phone in class .
Cell Phones can and should be taught as a tool to enhance education!
There have been in many innovative schools around.
Even Teachers Think Cell Phones should be used as a tool to enhance OUR education!
Listen to what this teacher had to say about cell phones in class! :)
Cell Phones are important for Emergencies!
What If?
What if the students in Sandy Hook had cell phones? Yeah they were young, but what if they did?
When the policy changes and the students do take advantage, you can just have them go to a cell phone etiquette class!
Teach them how to use their cell phone as a educational tool!
Schools that have had shootings are HUGE emergencies!
The Virginia massacre was the worst school shooting that has happened in the US! Cell phones could have helped save more people!
Then maybe they could at least talk to their loved ones, or the POLICE!
But they couldn't because....

Cell phones CAN be used in class
Teachers can allow students to use their phone for speeches and projects for school!
Literal tools
This chart shows that mobile phones are used more than pads and computers to surf the web! If we were allowed cell phones in class the school would be able to save money! We wouldn't have to get our own computer or Ipad!
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