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Guantanamo Case Study 2014

No description

Yal Agurcia

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Guantanamo Case Study 2014

What is Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp?
The Guantanamo Bay detention camp, also referred to as Gitmo, is a United States military prison located within Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.

The prison camp was established in January 2002 to detain, interrogate, and to prosecute extraordinarily dangerous prisoners on war crimes.

Since January 2002, 779 men have been brought to Guantanamo bay.

149 men from 22 different countries remain at the detention camp.

Eight men have died in the prison camp so far and six were a result of suicide.
As of 2014, 46 detainees were designated to be detained indefinitely because the government said the prisoners were too dangerous to transfer and there was insufficient evidence to try them.
Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp
Joel Capote
Yal Agurcia
Bj Olusanya
Life in prison
The yearly cost of a detainee is 900,000 dollars a year.
Road to Guantanamo
Many of the prisoners are from Afghanistan,Yemen, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.
High Value Prisoners
Khalid Sheik Mohammed-believed to be the number 3 leader of Al-Qaeda before he was captured in pakistan in 2003.
Ramzi bin al-Shibh- He is accused of being key facilitator of the September 11 attacks and an alleged would be hijacker.
Mustafa al-Hawsawi- Member of Al-Qaeda. He is allegedly an organizer and financier of the septeber 11 attacks.

Harsh criticism began from Human rights activist

The Inmates Countries began to write petitions and letters to U.S Government for liberation

United Nation calls out U.S. for failure to coop with prisoners

Suspcion that the ways of gaining information and tactics implimated to the inmates from the US guards were going against the Genova Convetion
What is the Genova Convention ?

The International humanatarian law of war

rules for P.O.W include :

It is forbidden to kill or injure an enemy who surrenders
Captured combatants and civilians under the authority of an adverse party are entitled to respect for their lives,dignity, personal rights and convictions
and etc...

How does the U.S. get away from the Law ?

US has determined that those being held at Guantanamo Bay as “unlawful combatants” or “enemy combatants”. who posses the ability to harm lives if let go to the real world

US refuses to abide by the Geneva Convention

What do you think ?

Is it fair for the U.S. to keep prisoners with not laying formal charges against them?
Why We Shouldn't Close GB
considerable amount of valuable intelligence being derived from the Guantanamo detainees

acurried knowledge on terrorist financing, bomb construction, al-Qaeda's structure, training and its means of smuggling agents into the United States from interrogations of those held at Guantanamo

even though the incarcerating of innocent people, there are many guilty terrorist conspirators

helped prevent future casualites

Legal Issue's
Law enforcement agents with the Criminal Investigation Task Force told msnbc.com in 2006 that they began to complain inside the Defense Department in 2002 that the interrogation tactics used by a separate team of intelligence investigators were unproductive

top lawyers and officials in the Defense Department were to investigate and to provide clear standards prohibiting coercive interrogation tactics

In June 2005, the United States House Committee on Armed Services visited the camp and described it as a "resort" and complimented the quality of the food

members of the committee complained that the inspectors had blocked the testimony of attorneys representing the prisoners
Methods of Torture
Psychological techniques
Sexual Assault/Harassment and Humiliation
Sleep Deprivation
Mock Executions
Forced fed/Medication
Used dogs as a scare tactic
Forced to watch others be tortured
Why Torturing Was Used?
Many Guantanamo Bay interrogators were trained by the SERE.
They said that the detainees refused to give up some information they wanted and started to rebel by not eating or not taking their medicine
Enhanced Techniques
Although these Techniques of torture were used before 2002, the military at the time responded to General Miller's request for harsher interrogation methods. They split the methods into three categories with the third category being the most brutal. The methods that were allowed were stress positions, mock executions, solitary confinement, hooding, forced nudity, scaring them, and water boarding.
Torturing in Guantanamo Bay
Obama and Current Issues
2007: President Obama promised to close the bay

2009: President Obama signed an executive order to close the detention center within a year
Issued a memo to prepare a prison in Illinois for Guantanamo detainees
No one was moved because it was blocked by congressional opposition

2011: Obama signed an executive order setting up a review process for detainees
Issues with closing:

Fear that transferring detainees to American soil would be a security threat
Congress does not support closing it

Need for a consistent policy for detaining and interrogating terrorists if to replace Guantánamo Bay

Issues with repatriating and releasing prisoners cleared of guilt since their home countries don’t want them and either does the U.S.

Should this evidence be admissible?
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