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No description

Santiago Montesdeoca

on 8 May 2017

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Transcript of Prezintation

-> drag and drop into Prezi
-> insert text and replace images
-> frame is added to presentation path
-> simple to complex layouts to save time
-> drag and drop into Prezi
-> entire presentation path is already set up
click on element/word/..
-> Add to Favorites
-> easy change of color for background, fonts and shapes (forward with Next button at center)
Tips and Tricks
right click on frame ->

Prezi Potential
Delete frames, but keep content
Remove Frame without Deleting Content
Tips and Tricks
Alt + hold left click on frame ->
Move/resize frames, not content
Infinite Canvas
Frame Workflow
Tips and Tricks

-> write equation
-> set font size and output resolution high
-> download as .png
-> insert image into Prezi
Create Equation images
Move frame without moving the content
Tips and Tricks
Vector graphics can only be impored as .pdf files
Insert vector graphics
Tips and Tricks
-> big elements like the background
Take advantage of graphics or design elements to aid your composition and flow
-> smaller elements to frame single slides
Tips and Tricks
Only rotate when a different perspective is required
Prezi Basics
Tips and Tricks
Zoom out for a better overview of the topic
Getting Prezi
is free! but all prezis are public -> prezi.com/signup/basic
Prezi Basic
is free with private prezis! -> prezi.com/pricing/edu
Prezi Edu
Prezi Dashboard
The place were all your prezis are!
Sign up!
Tips and Tricks
go to the dashboard on Prezi.com

or in edit mode, under "share"
Download your presentation (always have a Plan B)
-> download
Most concepts of Prezi Classic can be taken over to Prezi Next
Two different products!
Create your Prezi
-> "present"
Create a blank Prezi
Tips and Tricks
Use Adobe Color CC to choose a color scheme
-> move central color
to your liking
-> decide on color rule
blank prezi
• only possible in Prezi Classic •
• complete control over everything •
• creatively explore your presentation workflow •
• best way to learn •
• original prezis •
Customizing Prezi
-> save RGB values
Spice it up!
Prezi allows up to 10 simultaneous collaborators!
Working with friends is more fun!
Tips and Tricks
You may feel like you have to read this, but do you need to? This is simply too much content for a single slide. The audience wants to hear what you have to say, not read it. They can read a book instead, that is probably more thorough... Too many words make the presenter redundant. How many people are actually able to multitask so well to be able to not only read this, but also to listen to what you have to say anyways? Sometimes the presenter even goes to the next slide before the audience was able to finish reading. How unsatisfying and stressful!!!
Less is more
-> slides are only a visual aid
-> focus on the most important points
You can also enable your Prezi visibility to others and embed it on your website!
Before you get started
Screen ratio of your presentation
by default -> 4:3
most projectors now and in the future ->
It's impossible to change screen ratio afterwards!
Tips and Tricks
save as .png -> transparent background
Prezi is great for schematics
Frame workflow
Group [Ctrl + g] different elements together
Elements/groups can be ordered in Z-depth
-> right click + Bring/Send to Front or Back
Insert Media
Tips and Tricks
1. Know your content
First things first
2. Decide on the design/layout in favor to the content
Creating Frames
4 different types
3. Create Prezi
Invisible frames are the most used!
Basic Customization
Access Customize Menu
Top center of your Prezi window



-> opens panel to the right
-> choose color or upload image to customize background
-> select generic color theme
Advanced Customization
Theme Wizard
-> restricted to given colors
Any size
Groups elements together
Controls presentation flow

Frame = Slide+
Reordered anytime
Contain animations
Frames can be included multiple times in a path
A path defines the order of the presentation, not the content
Edit presentation path
-> bottom of "Customize" panel
Advanced Customization
Theme Wizard Advanced
-> easy change of fonts
-> 16+ million color options with RGB
-> change bottom left to "Advanced"
Edit mode
Add elements and reorder
-> press "Done" when finished
-> save theme to apply on new Prezis!
Add elements to path
-> select on presentation

Reorder frames
-> click + drag on frame panel
Delete frames
Delete elements from path
-> on the corner of the frame
-> click the red cross
Deleting a frame from the path doesn't delete the content
enters edit mode
Create a Favorite
Favorites create an easy access to frequently used elements/words/images/frames
Animate elements
Animate within frame
-> click on the moving star
Creates a frame from view
Exit edit mode
Remember to exit edit mode,
only one person can edit at the same time
Access Favorites
Insert -> Favorite...
Drag and drop
Symbols and Shapes
More than just images and video
vast library of built-in graphics
Insert a Layout
Layouts are predefined single- or multi-frames
ready to use
Single Frame
Insert -> Layouts..
CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
Access from
Theme Wizard
-> saves time crafting layouts
-> simplifies uniformity of presentation
-> presents accurate solutions for complex layouts
Grants low-level control of your presentation theme
CSS Editor
Style colors
Alpha values
Round corners
Basic CSS elements
Tips and Tricks
Add a few prezi tricks to surprise your
audience and hook them up
Don't overdo it.
Thorough tutorial on using CSS
Elements within frames can be animated to appear
Within the frame panel, in edit mode
-> click on the moving star

In the animation mode, click any element or group of elements in the order of appearance. A green animation star is added.

Remove animation by clicking on the green animation star
Tip: If all elements are animated to appear, they will remain hidden until the frame is being presented.
Prezi examples
PhD QE – Computer Graphics
Conference Presentation (Technical)
Our Plastic World (courtesy of Henriette Peter)
Masters QE – Sustainability (courtesy of Henriette Peter)

New accounts only seem to initially support Prezi Next
To activate Prezi Classic and create a new Prezi Classic presentation:
This will create a new Prezi Classic presentation for you and activate it on your dashboard!
Conference Presentation (General)
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