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Andrew Carnegie: Captain of Industry or Robber Baron?

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Mia Khamkhounnavong

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Andrew Carnegie: Captain of Industry or Robber Baron?

Andrew Carnegie is a captain of industry because he started off as a poor Scottish boy but he was able to build a successful industry, he impacted the U.S. with his steel to transform cities and he donated most of his wealth to others.
Carnegie is a philanthropist whose apart of the steel industry. He lowered the cost of his steel mills which made them popular very quickly. His steel made the industry grow very quickly, steel had become a very common material. Carnegie mills became chaos because there were so many buyers. Most of his steel was used to help build big cities. In the late 1880’s he was one of the most well-known manufacturers of his time period.

Innovations & Industry:

Carnegie sold his steel for a low price to get more people to buy it. His workers/ laborers, didn't get payed as much as they would have liked because of this. The workers were endangered because there could be explosions, fires and in the factory they were surrounded by machines and sharp objects/materials.

Labor Relations:
Andrew Carnegie: Captain of Industry or Robber Baron?
By: Mia Kham

Andrew Carnegie was born on November 25th, 1835 in Dufermline, Fife, Scotland. He immigrated to the United States in 1884, at the age of 13. His family first settled in Allegheny, Pennsylvania. Even though he had little education, his family strongly encouraged the reading of books. After moving to the United States, he worked as a telegrapher and an assistant for Thomas Scott. Throughout the experience of being an assistant to Thomas Scott, he learned about the rail road industry and business in general. In 1889 he started Carnegie Steel Corporation, by 1901 he sold his company and expanded his philanthropic work.
Since Carnegie had a passion for reading, he supported education and reading. He donated money to public libraries for students to have better resources. He even started Carnegie Corporation to help colleges and schools. He was a very generous man who donated $125 million to his foundation. By the end of this all, he had given away about 90% of his wealth.
Picture Examples:
Allegheny, Pensyllvania,U.S
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