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Early Life

No description

Dharshika Sritharan

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Early Life

Developing Skills
Bourgonje had worked hard through high school to develope the athletic skills needed to become a top competitor.When she was 18.
faced her new challenges when she
was in a car accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down. she tried her best to get around on wheelchair
Person Today
Colette lives in Canmore,Albreta
Early Life

Colette Bourgonje was born on the 1992 January 17

Colette grew up in a small community of Porcupine Plain,Sasktwen
Growing Up
Growing up made Colette expectation became increasing with difficulty.But she worked hard and became better and stronger on her goal.Then life became harder by an car accident and it left her paralyzed legs, but she never gave up.

Early Achievements
2 bronze medals in wheelchair racing summer games in Barcelona,Spain
More Achievements
1984- bachelor of science degree
Colette Bourgonje
Colette Bourgonje
Between 1992 and 2010 Bourgonje competed in nine Paralympic games,both in winter and summer
At the Paralympics summer games in Atlanta Georgia,Bourgonje wins 2 additional bronze medals in wheelchair racing
She is in the
Sports Hall of Fame
In the Paralympic winter games she won a sliver and bronze medal in sit skiing
Colette has 2 brothers ;Grevette and Trevette Colette also has an sister named Yvette
Her mothers name was Shelia and she worked at the porcupine plain credit union
Her fathers name was jack and worked as
an electrican and had many jobs
1985- bachelor of Education degree
1992- 2 bronze medals for wheelchair racing
1996- 2 bronze medal for whelchair racing
Age 52
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