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The language of the Haida people

Bernhard Huber

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Haida

Who...? Where...? How many...? Xaat Kíl The Haida Language Sealaska Heritage Institute www.sealaskaheritage.org family Na-Dené Na-Dené isolate 8 vowels
>30 consonants Count with me... Sgwáansang = One Tláahl = Ten ‘guu’ means ‘less’ ‘waak’ means ‘add on’ Tláahl sgwáansang guu
Ten one less Tláahl wáak sgwáansang
Ten add on one Tláahl wáak tláahl sgwáansang guu
Ten add on ten one less Haida people have occupied Haida Gwaii since
time immemorial. Today, Haida people make up half of the 5000
people living on the islands. Two main centres, Old Massett at the north
end of Graham Island and Skidegate at the south end. The Haida Nation collectively holds Hereditary and Aboriginal Title and
Rights to Haida Territories and the cultural and intellectual property rights
of the Haida Nation. Haida Gwaii Queen Charlotte Island The Canadian Census counts 190 Haida speakers in 2006, down from 275 in 2001. Northern Massett dialect Southern Skidegate dialect Hlgaagilda Xaayda Kil Xaad Kil Historically many writing systems
and others invented by linguists. Revive...?
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