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Prison Camps in North Korea

No description

Alex King

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Prison Camps in North Korea

Prison Camps in North Korea
Background Information
Statistics of Underweight to Poverty Ratio
The Science Of Malnutrition
Pictures of Malnutrition
Easily angered
Little to no growth
No appetite
Slow to no healing
Dry skin
Joel Richardson
Alex King
Drew Wilson
Bailey Hester

More Background Information
Symptoms of Malnutrition
Sierra Leone
South Korea
North Korea
Malnutrition is the scientific condition caused by an insufficient diet.
In the graph to left it is representing a scatter plot
of poverty to underweight individuals under 5 years of age in different countries.
Over 400,000 people have been in prison camps and have died
200,000 are still there
Article #4
No one has the right to treat you as a slave.
Kim Jong-un is the Supreme Leader.
The government system is Totalitarianism which is a dictatorship.
The government is very similar to communism.
Article #5
No body has the right to torture you.
Article #9
Over 400,000 people have died in North Korean prison camps.
Around 200,000 are still in these camps.
Nobody has the right to put you in prison without good reason.
Essential Question
More Background Information
How is the population affected by the North Korean government violating the right of freedom by placing people in concentration camps?
= Country
24,000,000 people live in North Korea.
47,000 square feet of land
Capital is Pyongyang
Why should you care about Prisoners in North Korea?
People everyday are thrown into highly feared prison camps for religious beliefs, political beliefs, and even for no reason what so ever. They are beaten and killed by the guards who brag and gloat on how they kill people and think of it as a game.
Prison camps have sent a devastating blow to the human race, whether it be camps during the Holocaust or camps in North Korea.
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