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Psych project

the effects of weather on mood and behavior.

tanner arnold

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Psych project

How Weather effects your Mood. Effects Bad weather Conclusion Good weather
mild depression
and pessimism Mostly when there is bad weather people are more inclined to be sad or have worse days. These thoughts and actions however are all self induced.
only you can controll your outlook on a situation and decide if you are going to let it effect you.
that being said the worse the weather generaly the worse your mood will be. When the weather is good people are generaly more happy and uplifted. You can always however decide your mood no matter what the weather, But chances are you will have a better day if it's sunny out side and the birds are smiling. To conclude, the weather can play some impact on your mood and most of us tend to accept that. However you are the only person who can ultimatly dedcide how YOU feel, or how you approach a situation. Some mood effects That being said if you have artificial body parts or metal plates in your body you will feel pain from cold weather Also if you have like i said before metal plates or artificial body parts you will feel better when the sun is out.
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