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My Passion project

No description

hien ngo

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of My Passion project

Thanks for watching !
Hair styling/stylist
My favorite things about hairstyling is that you could show how unique you are in many different ways. and for me it's how I change my hair color or maybe just how to adjust the way it looks. It's just something simple that can make some changes within the day to touch up or maybe it's just a girl thing ?
Few questions
I had choosen a friend that had though about going to UBC or UFV but chosed to go to a hair school instead in Abbotsford which is called "Utopia academy"and these are some simple questions I asked
Why do I love hairstyling ?
Look forward to seeing me on the magazings lol just kidding (:
Let's start basic ! Why I love hairstyling?
It's another way to express yourself with a hobby, it's like how some people love drawing or shopping that's some things people express their own passion.
Few Hair trends

when did u get inspired ?
- I was interested because I would do other peoples hair,like for an example curling and dying their hair and it turned into a hobby of mine .

What was something you wanted to do when you got into hair school ?
- Open up my own salon or work for a family friends salon.

How can you do to expand and advertise your hair salon & skills ?
- having my friends as projects and trying out new hair skills which leads to great reviews .

What made you have a passion about doing other peoples hair?
- I love doing hair and doing other people's hair for occasions.

My Passion project
By:Hien Ngo

Somethings that keep motivating me and why I choosed :
Some people like to be original and be creative with hair styles.
My passion is to be a stylist right after high school and start helping at my friends mom's salons because it's a great change to go into hair school and have a part time job where you'll get to cut,color,pirm, peoples hair every single day but don't think its weird enough but it would expand my styling skills if I get the chance to work with people that have been doing it for ages
After highschool
Why I think hair styling could be my future job.
Ever since I was younger I had a thing for dying my hair, it was just something that my mom would do was once in a while get different colored hair. When I got older, I at lest had changed my hair at lest 10 times. *might be a damage breakdown* but it was fun to just change you're appearance. I love hair coloring and styling that, I would like to encourage myself to do that as a goal to achieve in life. To expand my skills and learn more about hair stylist to become a professional when I get older.
Some questions
"messy up do's
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