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Keith wagoner

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Apollo

Apollo mission
There were 12 manned Apollo missions having to do with the Moon, and 3 having to do with Skylab.

He is the god of music, playing a golden lyre. The Archer, far shooting with a silver bow. The god of healing who taught man medicine. The god of light. The god of truth, who can not speak a lie
his most important job is to harness his chariot to four horses and drive ethe sun across the sky
apollo mission
Project Apollo's goals went beyond landing Americans on the Moon and returning them safely to Earth.
They included:Establishing the technology to meet other national interests in space.Achieving preeminence in space for the United States.Carrying out a program of scientific exploration of the Moon.Developing man's capability to work in the lunar environment.

Apollo 1
Apollo 1 was designated the first mission in order to honor the men who died in the fire on the launch pad. This even was actually only a scheduled rehearsal / test and not a planned flight. Giving the event a full mission number designation seemed to make it more like the men died in the direct line of duty - which they actually did, but it sounds better than calling it only a test.

www.greek-gods.info › Olympian Gods
-Parents: Apollo was born by Zeus, the King of the Gods, and the mortal woman Leto on the Greek island of Delos.

-Siblings: Apollo had an older twin sister, the Greek goddess of the hunt Artemis.

-Children: Asclepius (the god of Healing), the legendary musician Orpheus and the heroes Troilus and Aristaeus
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