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P4 and P5

Kieran Perkins

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Alcohol

Physical Preparation
Alcohol has an impact on all the major body system and abuse of alcohol can lead to death.
It is important to remember alcohol is
Alcohol is important within the UPS
In terms of the public services, the abuse of alcohol can directly affect your work performance
men 3-4 units a day
females 2-3 units a day
one unit is 10 ml of pure alcohol. This equals one 25 ml single measure of whiskey or a third of a pint or half a standard 175ml glass of red wine?
Some of the main affects of alcohol are
Black outs Liver cancer
Diarrhea Liver Disease
Heart burn Impaired decision making
Dehydration Increased risk of injury
Impaired vision Reduced fertility
and of course........
Alcohol is very high in calories and without proper exercise this will lead to weight gain
Many public service jobs require using complex equipment, i.e weapons, vehicles and breathing apparatus
The presence of alcohol in someones system will impair your judgement, placing you and others at risk
What is the recommended alcohol limit per day?
So what strategies are there to help overcome over use of alcohol?
When do we usually drink?
While we socialise
So one strategy would be to choose where you socialise more carefully, for example instead of meeting at a pub meet somewhere with no alcohol
If you think that you may be becoming an alcoholic you may want to seek medical advice
Detoxification is severe but can be the appropriate method of getting of alcohol
Meeting other alcoholics or addicts such as Alcoholics Anonymous or other support groups can be a great way to meet new people and get support.
So why do we get hangover?
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