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Plan for the third target

No description

Angel Ma

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of Plan for the third target

Plan for target three:
Finish Another Discussion

Step 1: Preparation in class
TASK: Study in class and get to know more about the overall topic, learn some vocabularies about the topic. Get more information of the topic. Use different methods to do the preparation. Prepare with other students in group.

TIME: August 5th to 8th
Step 2: Do a project about the subject
TASK: Make a leaflet, magazine or poster to express the subject. Use the information or ideas I got during the preparation. Do this things with one or two partners.

TIME: August 8th
Step 3:
Discuss with the whole class about the project I've done
TASK: Share my project with the whole class and discuss about it with them.

TIME: August 9th
Step 4: Getting feedbacks from my teacher
TASK: Get feedbacks from my teacher, ask him/her to fill in the observatory list and give suggestions.

TIME: August 9th
Feedbacks of Step 1
Our topic was about books/films/computer games. I and my two partners chose books. We would focus on the fantasy books. We searched for some vocabularies about fantasy books. Despite learning through listening to teacher, we also searched on Internet.

Feedbacks of Step 2
I decided the leaflet, but because we haven't got any printers, so we didn't print out the information we needed. So we haven't make the leaflet out.
Feedbacks of Step 3
Because we didn't make the leaflet out, we just discussed the idea of our leaflet with the whole class.
Feedbacks of Step 5
I asked the teacher to fill in the observational check list. She finished it.
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