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Hannah Stanton

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of 1920's

"Let's Misbehave" and "I Want to be Bad" Backgrounds
Helen Kane stole her baby act from Esther Jones, a black woman, and is commonly known as the muse for the caricature "Betty Boop". Betty Boop sweeped the nation in the early thirties as a flapper with a bigger heart than brain.
Both songs have a dance-like feel to them that fits the era of the 1920's.
Flapper Image Background
A flapper is a woman who flaunted her femininity and typically wore a short dress, make-up, had short hair, and drank and smoked in public
Flappers usually went out at night to party, dance, and be a part of the social night life
They represented young woman's spirit and entrance into womanhood

"Let's Misbehave" and "I Want to be Bad" Questions
Is there a contrast between the song "Let's Misbehave" and its description of a night out and a night out in the decade prior?
What would a traditionalist think of the reference to Adam and Eve in "Let's Misbehave"?
Who were the reformers and why would they be telling women that a "warmer climate" awaits them in "I Want to be Bad"?
Why would rouge and dancing be something that is considered bad in the song "I Want to be Bad"??
What ideals are being promoted by these songs?
Flapper Image Questions
Where do you think she is?
Do you think shes putting on a show? What music would she be dancing to?
Looking at this picture, how old do you think she is and what makes you think that?
Do you think she is expressing her independence ?

Margaret Sanger Background
Margaret Sanger was born to an Irish Catholic family. She lived with her parents and eleven other siblings.
When Margaret was 19, her mother died. Margaret blamed her father for the death claiming that she died because she had too many children.
Margret then made it her mission to prevent women from enduring unwanted pregnancies. She provided women with information and contraceptives (birth control).
Margaret founded the American Birth Control League which later became Planned Parenthood Federation and devoted the rest of her life to bring safe and effective birth control into the American mainstream.

Margaret Sanger Questions
Why was Margaret so concerned about distributing birth control to women in America? What were her reasons/motives?
What was her view on the relationships between men and women?
Was Margaret right in saying that all unwanted pregnancies resulted in deformed children and that these children are just filling up asylums and becoming prostitutes?
Women's Roles in the 1920's
Students will discuss the change in morals and standards for women that occurred in the 1920's.
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