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RDV Executive


Dave Barry

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of RDV Executive

3 2 1 A Blueprint for the Future of Towong Shire? probably... hopefully... Tallangatta Wirelesss Mesh Shirewide Wireless Network myFarm Zero Energy Estate Innovation Space at Corryong Pure Towong Energy Sustainability @ the Source Use these core values to establish a key competitive advantage The Goal... Shirewide Wireless Network Large Areas Unserviced by Broadband and will continue to be unserviced even with the NBN In 2006 Towong Shire Council deployed Australia's first townwide Wi-Fi mesh network across the town of Tallangatta Significant triple bottom line benefits
Competitive backhaul links to Albury
Demonstration of emerging technology
Initial involvement with MAV, MMV, ACMA and DBCDE In partnership with $77,000 funding for Feasibility Study
Released an RFQ in late 2008
Eckermann & Associates appointed Business Case Network Architecture Real-time farm telemetry
and control online Soil Moisture Monitoring Weather Stations Online Machinery Control Solar & Wind Monitoring Electric Fence Monitoring Frost Alarms Online Mobile Devices SMS Alerts & Control Exceptional Results
High Agribusiness Demand Currently two products with similar functionaility
$3,000-$6,000 per unit
$400-$600 per unit With a Shirewide Wireless Broadband
Network everyone could use this solution 95% using this solution Final report due in October How does it operate? Pure Towong Energy 3 Years Ago
Australia's first Photovoltaic bulk procurement scheme
A packaged solution including finance
Extensive community consultation The Results - TBL most importantly of all it has been replicated by 30+ other Councils Environmental
200kW installed of an estimated 2,000 domestic kW in Victoria
.1% of the population generating 10% of the solar electricity
100 times the per capita install rate for Victoria
220 tonnes of CO2 savings per annum

$25,000 community fund
Youth involvement - $5,000 scholarship
Embraced by community with pride
Economic return is the key to achieving true sustainability
ZEN Victorian HQ now located at the Corryong Innovation Space
$1.75M in capital investment
$200,000 direct local labour investment
$850,000 of Federal funding
$150,000 of loan discounts
ZEN expansion from Corryong to Albury
4 local full-time equivalent jobs created
New skills learnt and now being exported
10 local installers trained
$25,000 in power savings per annum
Economic returns flow directly and indirectly back to the local economy
Aaron van Egmond - Acting CEO
Dave Barry - Acting Director Development Services North East Victoria
10mins east of Albury Wodonga
6,635 square kilometres - Area
6,019 - Population
Sustainability Sustainability @ the Source Tallangatta Wireless Mesh myFarm $650,000 - Fully Funded
Improved productivity though sustainability
More with less - water and fertilizer
Maximise return per Megalitre
Improving river health - multiple benefits
Subsequent projects funded as a result Network Expansion Business Case Sustainability
Innovation World best practice in Environmentally Sustainable Design
Residential, Commerical, Tourism and Educational Components
Focus on Population Growth and resulting ratebase
Continuing to maintain our competitive advantage
Ahead of current market demand to meet future markets needs
Rural Land Use and Residential Settlement Strategy Almost Complete In partnership with: Tallangatta Re-establishment Strategy Tallangatta Central Tallangatta Innovation Space
Tallangatta Museum
Golf Course
Caravan Park 25mins from Wodonga
Affordable Family Living
Unfulfilled Provincial Victoria Demand
Town Centred on a Strong Urban Park
Single Sided Roads with Excellent Views
Strong Basic Facilities (Supermarket, Bakery, Butcher, Banks)
Low Capital Improved Values in CBD
Good Rural Schools & Hospital
Land and Infrastructure Capacity to Grow
Why? The town that moved and has now stopped moving... ...a clear loss of place in the regional order 2.3km Long Shopping Precinct
Poor quality 1950s architecture
Lack of Residental Land
Lakeside village with no lake
No restaurant or cafes
Lack of Critical Mass Population
Poor Planning Scheme Execution getting moving... Community Hub
Consolidation of CBD - Vibrant Spaces
New Architecture
Engagement with Triangles - Narrowing of Main Street Multifaceted
Targeted Deliver Vacant Land once again
Population Growth
Council Development
Raising the Bar
Sustainability at the Core - WSUD
50% funded by GMW
Amenity for a Dry Lakebed in a Changing Climate
Main focus adjacent to Residential Development The Problem Should this be? Tallangatta Residential Estate An approach that is: Foreshore Masterplan Demonstrated capacity to serve as a testbed for State & Federal Government Integrate 360 Mapping Strategies to Projects
Ensuring Action on Projects
Hume Strategy Resource Tracking Council Plan Project Management Position Descriptions
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