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Abdullah Virk

on 1 March 2018

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Transcript of Aluminum

Aluminum can resist corrosion
We mine Aluminum in the form of Bauxite and is extracted by open cast mining but found near the surface since it is found in the crust
The environmental impact is that it takes a massive amount of energy to transform that bauxite into Aluminum
Aluminum is a good thermal and electrical conductor
Aluminum number on the periodic table is 13
The ore for Aluminum is bauxite
Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the earths crust after oxygen and silicon
The melting point of Aluminum is 660 degrees Celsius
The boiling point of Aluminum is 2,470 degrees Celsius
Stable Aluminum is created when hydrogen fuses with magnesium either in large stars or supernova
Aluminum is a extremely common and widespread element
Aluminum is 100% recyclable
Aluminum is used in transportation,packaging,construction,electronics

Large deposits of bauxite is Australia,Brazil,guinea and Jamaica

Aluminum is non magnetic and is a ductile metal
Before mining the land has to be clear of timber and vegetation then the soil is removed then under the soil is overburden and you will find the bauxite and to remove it from the ground requires and technique called blasting,drilling and ripping with large bulldozers then when it is in pieces it is loaded in to trucks railroad cars and is transported to crushing and wet plants
Since pure Aluminum ore so stable it needs a massive amount of energy to yeild the final product
The EPA says that the release of per fluorocarbons during the Aluminum smelting process are 9,200 times more harmful than carbon dioxide in terms of their effects on global warming
When bauxite is mined from the ground the mining process removes all natural vegetation in the mining region
Reduce the impact
You can recycle Aluminum because it is 100% recyclable and you can reuse it over and over because it does not corrode and it is good at lasting really long
You can reuse the cans or recyclable and it is up to you.
An alternative to Aluminum is lead and steel and magnesium
Aluminum is used everywhere so it would be hard to find that much of a alternative to aluminum
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