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Eshan Gandhi

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Computer

An electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program. The supplier of computer is Shenzhen Eearl Electronic Technology Ltd.
The hardware is the part of the computer that you can see such as monitor, keyboard, Computer data storage, hard drive disk, mouse.
The programs and other operating information used by a computer.

data input device: a device that can be used to insert data into a computer or other computational device.
In computing, a mouse is a pointing device that functions by detecting two-dimensional motion relative to its supporting surface. The supplier of a mouse is Shenzhen Yongshuo Electron Co., Limited.
Mechanical Keyboards
A mechanical keyboard has switches beneath the keys that recreate the experience of typing on a typewriter. Although there are different types of switches used in mechanical keyboards, they all have the same result: more accurate typing. The supplier for mechanical keyboard is Shenzhen N-South Electronics Co., Ltd.
Gaming Mouse
A gaming mouse is a mouse that has more buttons and is alot. It has alot more comfort. The supplier for gaming mouse is Shenzhen Soaring Technology Co., Limited.
Optical mouse
Optical mouse have become more commonplace. They exercise efficiently, because they lack the ball found in traditional mouse. The majority are built to be ergonomic, so you are able to make use of them very comfortably. There’re especially appropriate users with cts or arthritis. The supplier for optical mouse is Shenzhen Soaring Technology Co., Limited.
Wireless mouse
A cordless mouse frees you from cord problems. It connects to your computer with a radio (rather than an infrared) signal, powered by two AAA batteries. The supplier of a wireless mouse is Shanghai Rongteng Electron Technological Co., Ltd.
The motherboard is the main circuit board of your computer and is also known as the main board or logic board. The supplier of a motherboard is Shenzhen Tianke Electronics Co., Ltd.
The case is the enclosure that contains most of the components of a computer such as desktops, laptops, tablets, netbooks etc.
Computer memory is any physical device capable of storing information temporarily or permanently. The supplier for menory is Shenzhen King Memory Technology Co., Ltd.
Cache stores recently used information so that it can be quickly accessed at a later time.
The Mic is an input device that puts your voice our other sounds into the computer. The supplier for mic is Shenzhen Bangdao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
The keyboard enters data into the computer. It usually enters letters and nubers into the computer. The supplier of a keyboard is Huizhou Pinxu Industries Co., Ltd.
Ergonomic Keyboard
Eargonomic Keyboard adds some designs to reduce muscle strain and a host of related problems. The supplier for a eargonomic keyboard is Shenzhen N-South Electronics Co., Ltd.
Wireless Keyboard
The wireless keyboard has no wires and uses a usb connection to transfer data. The supplier for wireless keyboard is Shenzhen Apexel Technology Co., Ltd.
A device for examining, reading, or monitoring something, in particular. The supplier for scanner is Shenzhen Fcar Technology Co., Ltd.
External Hardrive
A hardrive that is on the outside. the supplier of the external hard drive is Shenzhen Esorun Technology Limited Company.
A portable computer small enough to use on one's lap. Their cases are usually very light. The supplier of laptops is Shenzhen Hongdafeng Electronics Co., Ltd.

ATX Case
The ATX case is made for a ATX mother board. ATX cases are most common. They come in towers.
Mini towers Regular and Full Towers. The supplier of ATX is Ahcof Development Co., Ltd.

BTX Case
BTX Case are made for a BTX motherboard that requires fans in the case. They come in towers
MiniTower Regular and FullTowers. The supplier of BTX is Guangzhou Shanda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Tablets are like mini computers.
that are used to entertain yourself mostly. The supplier of the tablet is Right Friend Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
These are the ones found at most schools and are most casual ones. They are have mini and medium size. The supplier of a desktop is spruce international.
Video and Webcams.
Video input devices are used to digitize images or video from the outside world into the computer. The information can be stored in a multitude of formats depending on the user's requirement. The supplier for webcams is Shenzhen Aaeworld Electronic Co., Ltd.

Composite Devices
Game controller and joystick and gamepad. The supplier for composite devices is Yagertec Co., Ltd.
Power Supply
A power supply is a device that supplies electrical energy to one or more electric loads. The supplier of the power supply is Guangzhou Fengda Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
The power supply comes in two switch 115/230 and can transform the power into 5,3.3,12. It has Molex Conecters and a cooling fan
RAM is a computer storage location that allows information to be stored and accessed quickly from random locations within DRAM on a memory module. The supplier of RAM is Shenzhen New Future Technology Limited.
ROM is a type of "built-in" memory that is capable of holding data and having that data read from the chip.
CMOS is a memory in a computer. It has a bus speed of 64 bits. It is connected to a battery in all the cases, so if the powers switches off the contents are still safe.
DDR3 is a type of memory (RAM) for a computer. DDR3 has bus clock speed of 400 MHz up to 1066 MHz, and memory chips range in size from 1 GB to 24 GB
SIMM is a type of memory for a computer. The bus from a SIMM to the actual memory chips is 32 bits wide and it holds up to 8 RAM chips.
Fan is a hardware device that keeps the overall computer or a computer device cool by circulating air to or from the computer or component. The supplier for fan is Shenzhen Realfield Science And Technology Limited.
A battery is a hardware component that supplies power to a device. The supplier for battery is Shenzhen Yourparts Technology Co., Ltd.
Chip Set
A chip set is a group of microchips that are designed to work with one or more related functions. The supplier for chip set is Shenzhen Taison Electronics Co., Ltd.
Secondary Storage
Secondary Storage is a storage medium that holds information until it is deleted or overwritten regardless if the computer has power
Hard Drive
Hard Drive is the computer's main storage media device that permanently stores all data on the computer. The supplier of the hard drive is Shenzhen Shine Star Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
DVD is a disc capable of storing large amounts of data on one disc. CD is a flat, round storage medium that is read by a laser. CDs are also commonly used to store data and are capable of containing 700 MB of data. The supplier of DVD/CD is Keen- Witted Industrial CO., LTD.
DVD+R is a technology that enables a user to read and write to a DVD+RW or DVD+R disc several times. The drives are capable of recording DVD-5 and DVD-10. The supplier of DVD+R is Yuen Data Technology Limited.
CD-R is a writable disc and drive that is capable of having information written to the disc once and then having that disc read many times after that. They are capable of holding up to 650 MB. The supplier for the CD-R is Guangzhou Ronc Electronic Sciences & Technology Co., Ltd.
A Processor is a small chip which resides in computer that receives input and provides appropriate output
Intel 4004
Intel 4004 is the first processor. It has a top speed of 740 kHz. The socket of this processor is over drive. It cost $200.00 when it first came in market.
Intel core i7-3970X
This processor is for hardcore gaming purposes. It has a top speed of 4 GHz and it's cache is 15 MB. It's socket is FCLGA2011 and it cost about $1100. The supplier of this proccesor is Shenzhen YXS Technology Co., Ltd.
AMD Athlon ll X2
It is used for media purposes. It has a top speed of 3 GHz and it's cache is 2 MB. It's socket is AM3 and it cost about $100. The suppplier of this processor is APOGEESOURCE INC.
AMD FX8-Core black edition
This processor has a speed of 3.3 GHz and it's cache is 8 MB. It's socket is AM3+ and it cost about $190. The supplier of this processor is Unbeatable Sale. Com Inc.
ATX motherboard is one of most commonly found and used motherboards. The ATX motherboard is 12" wide x 9.6" deep and has the COM port, LPT port, PS/2, and USB mounted directly on the motherboard. The supplier for ATX is Shenzhen Tianke Electronics Co., Ltd.
Port is a hole or connection found on the back of a computer. Ports allow computers to have access to external devices such as mouse keyboard or speakers. The supplier for port is Shenzhen Creates Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Line in port
Line-in is a port found on computer sound cards that enables a user to connect an external audio device such as a cassette tape player, disc player, audio mixer, additional microphones. The supplier for line in port is Fuzhou ZT Technology Co., Ltd.
Fire wire port
Fire wire port are used to connect devices such as digital video cameras, hard drives, audio interfaces, and MP3 players, such as the Apple iPod, to your computer. The supplier for firewire port is Fuzhou ZT Technology Co., Ltd.
Serial port
A serial port on the computer is used to connect a serial device to the computer and capable of transmitting one bit at a time. The supplier of serial port is Shenzhen Coreman Technology Co., Limited.
An output device is any piece of computer hardware equipment used to communicate the results of data processing carried out by an information processing system (such as a computer) which converts the electronically generated information into human-readable form.
Monitor is a device that displays signals on a computer screen. The supplier for a monitor is Shenzhen Detaik Technology Co., Ltd.
Speakers are one of the most common output devices used with computer systems. Some speakers are designed to work specifically with computers, while others can be hooked up to any type of sound system. Regardless of their design, the purpose of speakers is to produce audio output that can be heard by the listener. The supplier of a speakers is Shenzhen Jaskey Technology Limited.

Printer takes data and prints it onto a paper that is put into it. The supplier of a printer is Zhuhai TOP-PRINT Technology Co., Ltd.
A Plotter is a computer hardware device that is similar to a printer but uses a pen to make a design. The supplier of a plotter is Ningbo Jin Mao Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.
Speech- Generating Device
Speech-generating devices (SGDs) are defined as speech aids that provide individuals with severe speech impairment the ability to meet their functional speaking needs.
Headphones are a hardware device that both plugs into your computer or you speakers and allow you to privately listen to audio without disturbing anyone else. The supplier of headphones is Shenzhen Yes-Hope Co., Ltd.
Computer output microfilm
Computer output microfilm is a system that converts stored data directly to a microfilm or micro fiche.
A projector, also called a projection display system. is a specialized computer display that projector and enlarged image on a movie screen. The supplier of a projector is Guangzhou Rigal Electronics Co., Ltd.
3D - Printer
The printer is a sophisticated printing device that uses a design from a digital image to produce an identical physical object using material such as metal alloys,polymers or plastics. The supplier of 3D Printer is Guangzhou Gateway Technology Industry Co., Ltd.
Braille Reader
This is a attachable to a computer keyboard that allows a blind person to read the contents of a display. The supplier for braille reader is
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