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Rwanda Genocide

No description

Hana Baig

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Rwanda Genocide

Rwanda Genocide
Cause of the genocide
On the night of April 6th, 1994 a plane carrying the President Juvenal Habyarimana, was shot down, killing everyone on board.

Hutu extremists blamed Paul Kagame who was leader of a Tutsi rebel group.

Immediately started a campaign of slaughter that ignited the genocide
100 Days of Slaughter
20% population was gone

70% tutsis were gone

The Media
Media played a big part in the genocide

Radio Télévison des Milles Colline (RTLM)
Broadcasted the slaughtering and they had a big part in it “cut down the tall trees” was a phrase telling the Hutus to kill the Tutsi

Maria’s POV
I am tutsi
I've seen death
Blood on my hands
Though I ain't the one who committed the murder.

Hutus with machetes line the streets
Our haven is behind a rope and fence
Whistles blow
UN is here with guns but can't fire unless fired upon.

Dogs eat those bodies of the dead, my family
I can't do anything but watch in fear as lives are taken
Praying doesn't help
I fear we're going to dies, all of us.

The UN is leaving and we're all alone, besides each other tutsi
Where's God? Is He Here?
Holding my hand
Telling me it's going to be alright, when it's not.

I cry but somehow I'm still among the living
I survived the Rwandan Genocide.
(Written from the point of view of Maria whose father was killed by the Hutus.)
I am from the UN
I’ve seen death
Blood on the people’s faces
Though they aren’t the ones who committed the murder.

Hutus with machetes line the streets
Their safety is gone and survival is sparse
Whistles blow
We are here but we can’t fire unless fired upon

Dogs eat those bodies of the dead, families
I can’t do anything but watch in pity as lives are taken
Praying won’t help
I fear they are going to kill them all

We have to go and leave them alone
The tutsis are left alone, helpless
Where’s God? Will he help them?
I hold their hands
I tell them it’s going to be alright, when I’m not sure

I raise the awareness but somehow we still have to go
I am sure I will survive

Hana, Taya, Aynur and Malak
April 1994- mid July 500,000-1,000 Rwandans were killed

The Tutsis
They are an ethnic group who was the most impacted from the Rwandan genocide. They are an ethnic group inhabiting the area near the African Great Lakes.

Poetry of the Rwandan Genocide
IDs had ethnic groups label making it easier to slaughter a Tutsi
Men killed Tutsi wives and even children
Bullets were expensive mainly used hand weapons such as machetes
Now were turned into places of mass murder
In the past churches, hospitals, and schools were a sanctuary
Many Rwandans went to sanctuaries that they thought were safe.

Thousands of killed by gunfire or grenade then moved on to hand weapons

Newspaper published the “10 commandments for the Hutu.”

If you worked with a Tutsi you were a traitor and if you married a Tutsi you were a traitor
They would broadcast certain people to kill giving them the name. where they live and local hangouts.

RTLM also stated if you were a Hutu to refuse to kill you had 2 choices, “to be killed or to kill”

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