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Copy of Interpersonal Attraction Theory

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cheyanne stark

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Interpersonal Attraction Theory

Social Rewards People like others who benefit them or make them feel good Similarity We find social validation in people who are similar to us because they validate our own self-worth Interpersonal Attraction Defined: An attraction between two people that leads to friendships and romantic relationships Physical Attractiveness Humans are visually oriented Propinquity Effect Closer proximity -> more likely to be friends Interpersonal Attraction Theory The Rules of Attraction NOT just physical attractiveness Affection Respect Liking Love More exposure to a stimulus, more apt to like it
(mere exposure effect) Those who meet on the internet are more attracted to each other? Sources Genetic Interests We value and appreciate physical attractiveness, so we want to be around people we consider attractive History of seeking physically attractive others as mates Physical attractiveness varies culture to culture
People who look and behave the same are likely to share genetic material.
Humans are motivated to help those with whom they share genetic material.
Because helping our genetic relatives helps our own genes survive into future generations. It is any force that draws people together to form a relationship.

There are three types of attractions:
Physical: attraction to someone’s physical appearance

Social: attraction to someone’s personality.

Task: attraction to someone’s abilities and dependability. What is Interpersonal Attraction? By: Marilyn Anderson, Dan Barger, Nikita Baughman, Justin Beard, Brandy Card, Nikki Carpenter, and Ashley Cason "What is beautiful is good" stereotype The beautiful are thought to be... More sociable Extroverted Socially Competent More Sexual Happier More Assertive Study about friendships and college housing Similarity is more attractive than difference. Praise and complements increase liking http://wps.prenhall.com/hss_aronson_socpsych_6/64/16428/4205823.cw/-/4205877/index.html Floyd, Kory. "Interpersonal Communication". p.283-287 http://www.2knowmyself.com/psychology_of_attraction_proximity http://web.ebscohost.com/Legacy/Views/static/html/Error.htm?aspxerrorpath=/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer
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