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Mrs Dalloway - Virginia Woolf

No description

Cleanu Angelica

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Mrs Dalloway - Virginia Woolf

A novel by Virginia Woolf
Reading Mrs Dalloway was at first quite difficult because of the extremely long sentences Virginia Woolf often uses and also because of the interruptions from the narration made to give voice to flashbacks or to characters' thoughts.
However, past the first few pages, it started to be very catchy to me since I could keep track of the story much more easily.
It was an agreeable novel and maybe the reason why I loved it that much was because I happened to read it exactly the time I was questioning myself on the past the same way Clarissa Dalloway did.
It is full of interesting remarks and consideration and if read carefully it leads you to stop and think about your own life and the environment that surrounds you.
“He thought her beautiful, believed her impeccably wise; dreamed of her, wrote poems to her, which, ignoring the subject, she corrected in red ink...”

“She thought there were no Gods; no one was to blame; and so she evolved this atheist's religion of doing good for the sake of goodness.”

“For the young people could not talk. And why should they? Shout, embrace, swing, be up at dawn...”

“They went in and out of each other’s minds without any effort.”

“She broke my heart, and you can't love like that twice.”
Mrs Dalloway
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