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Spanish Verb Conjugation.

No description

Justin Knight

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Spanish Verb Conjugation.

Spanish Verb Conjugation.
I need a blue shirt.
necesito una camisa azul

I bought a green tie.
He comprado una corbata verde

I look at clothes
Miro ropa.

I look for shirts
Busco camiseta.

You work at the stationary store.
yo trabajo en la tienda de artículos de papelería.
Steps to Conjugating Verbs
1. Drop Ending to find the stem

2. Find the subject

3. find ending to match the subject
- Infinitive- Verb that hasn't been conjugated
- Stem- Part left after dropping last 2 letters
- Verb Ending- Last 2 letters
- Conjugate- To change.
-ar Verb Endings

yó - -o
tú - -as
él, ella ud.- -a
nosotros - -amos
ellos, uds. - -an
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