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Popes and Kings

No description

Amaris Leiataua

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Popes and Kings

Popes and Kings
Draw a Venn Diagram to compare the power of a king to the power of a pope.
Do Now
You are 13 years old, the youngest child of the King of France. One day your father announces that he wants to make an alliance with a powerful noble family. To seal the alliance, he has arranged for you to marry one of his new ally's children. Your father wants you to be happy and asks what you think of the idea. You know the alliance will make your father's rule more secure, but it means leaving home to marry a stranger. WHAT DO YOU TELL YOUR FATHER?
Building Background
In the Middle Ages, kings were some of the most powerful men in Europe. Many kings looked for ways to increase their power. In their search for power, these kings had to deal with other powerful leaders, such as popes. These other leaders had their own plans and goals.
Popes and Kings Rule Europe
In the early Middle Ages, knights and nobles held much power. However, as time passed, the power began to shift in to the hands of two types of leaders, popes and kings.

Popes had spiritual power and kings had political power. Together, they controlled most of European society.
The Power of the Pope
In the Middle Ages the pope was the head of the Christian Church. Since nearly everyone went The pope was seen as the God’s representative on Earth. Kings were very important . Popes and Kings controlled most of the European society. Popes had a lot of power .
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