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Iron Man

No description

brandon wilhite

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Iron Man

Dragon Battle
After Obedia builds a Super suit to defeat Tony they have a battle to the death ending with the loss of Obedias life.
Obadiah Stane
Devil Figure

Obadiah works for Tony but has been secretly dealing under the table with enemys. He try to kill Tony and builds a super suit to defeat him.
Brother Battle
Virgian 'Pepper' Pots
Loyal Retainer
Pepper is Tonys assistant and secret lover. She thinks Tonys choices are too dangerous but she helps Tony out in every way she can.
Col. James 'Rhodey' Rhodes
Hunting group of companions
Rhodey is an army Colonel and high-trained agent. He is working for the government to get the iron suit from Tony. He helps tony with the media and helps keep the skys clear if thats what Tony needs.
Hero's journey
Iron Man
Tony Builds a super suit that is unstoppable. He built the suit for protection but when people want to use it as a weapon he fights back to stop them
Tony Stark lives every day as a billionare working for his own company inventing and developing weapons.
He spends most days partying with different girls or inventing new weapons and armor.
Regular World
Call to Adventure

Refusal of the call
After Tonys assistant and secret lover Pepper finds out Tonys secret identity and figures out the arch reactor is slowly killing him and that what he is doing is extremely dangerous, she begs him to stop.
Crossing the Threshold
Tony changes into Iron Man after he uses his suit to fly into enemy territory and destroy all the weapons that his company made and saves innocent afgan people.

After Tony infiltrates Afgan soil the U.S. Airforce try to take him down not knowing it is Tony.
Tony's Iron Man suit gives him more power than any other man on earth. It has the strongest armor best technology and the best weapons.
Ultamate Reward
After Tony Kills Obadiah he saves Pepper, saves his company, and saves anyone that Obadiah would have put in danger if he would have weaponized his suit.
Monster of two worlds
Tony Decides to remain being Iron Man and protect his people, and lets them know his true identity.
Tony's decision to be a super hero comes when he realizes his own company is selling weapons to the enemy and when Obediah steals his arch reactor to power his own super suit. Obediah wants to use it as a weapon and put a lot of people in danger, including pepper.
Refrusal to return
Magic Fligh

S.H.E.I.L.D Agent Coulson knows about Tony's Iron Man identity tries to help him hide it by giving him a false alibi and tells him what to say to the media.
Tony is able to fly, shoot small explosions out of his hands, use guns and missles, and survive gunshots and explosions.

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