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Tucket's Ride

No description

Brady Bruesewitz

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Tucket's Ride

Tucket's Ride
Main Characters
Francis Tucket- He is a 13 year boy who lives in the 1940s. He is the oldest of two other siblings. He lives in the plains of Nebraska. He loves to be outdoors and loves to hunt.
Jason Grimes- He is an old man who lives in the mountains and roams the plains. He trades and help Native Americans, except for the wild Comanche tribe. He had his arm sliced off by one of their hatchets.
Problem Solving
When there is a problem in the story it was always solved. When Mr. Grimes had to fight Native Americans, Francis said there is no way we will beat them. Mr. Grimes told him a plan and thats how it was solved . Most of the problems in the story were solved by making a plan or always being prepared for what might get in your way.
Plot of The Story
The plot of the story begins with Francis being captured by the Native Americans. He is given to a women who would be his "new" mom. He didn't like that, so he almost beat her to death. He is told that if he doesn't stop he will have to fight the Native men. They were very well trained fighters. All of this leads up to the climax. During the middle of fight, he was being beat pretty bad. Then there was gun fires and this one armed man comes in on his horse and shot them in the legs. They couldn't moves and the one armed man took grabbed Francis and road off. In the end Mr. Grimes the (one armed man) teaches Francis to live in the wild and leaves Francis on his own.
Theme and Point- of- view
The theme of the story is adventures. It is advetures because it takes place in the Great Plains and mountains. They hunt, hike, and horse ride. It could also be action because it involves violence and bloody. Like the time when Mr. Grimes fought the Native Americans. Also when Mr. Grimes shoots people and other animals.
The point-of-view of the story is in 3rd person. Throughout the whole story it was told by a narrator. Examples: "Francis and Mr. Grimes are on their way to the trading post".
Conflict in the Story
There is alot of conflict in the story. One big conflict is when Native Americans thought that Mr. Grimes and Francis were stealing their horses. The Natives would not believe them, and they captured them. Mr. Grimes and Francis pleaded to get out. They said they only way was to have fight. The Natives had a ceromony before and they got drunk. They were so drunk Mr. Grimes and Francis escaped, but the Natives came looking for them the next day.
In the story the protaganist is Mr. Grimes. He helps Native Americans and save people who are captured. Just like he saved Francis from those Comanche Indians. He protects people who need help. The antogonist are the Comanche Indians. They capture people like they did to Francis. Also they are harmful like when they beat up Francis. They also steal from trading posts and other people.
The mood of the story can be
alot of diffrent
things. You could get a happy feeling, sad, or even a scared feeling at times. The tone of the story is sad and not really happy. It is sad because Francis is took from his parents and Mr. Grimes dies. So it is not really a happy story.
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