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President Report Card

No description

Derek Koo

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of President Report Card

B Head of State Good 36th President
(1963-1968) Lyndon B. Johnson A Chief Executive "A Great Society" - laws, programs etc. - to help country
appointed 2 justices - 1st black Justice Thurgood Marshall
executive orders to improve the U.S.
No way! What did he do? Guardian of the Economy D Commander-in-Chief Tax cut
GNP Rose
Personal Income Rose
Federal Revenue Rose Dramatically
No Real Negative Impacts A C Chief Diplomat Born on August 27, 1908 in TX
Southwest Texas State College for Teacher's
1937- Elected in to House of Representatives on the New Deal platform
1941- Reported for duty in the Navy as lieutenant commander
1948- elected into the Senate
1953- Youngest Minority Leader
1955- Majority Leader
1960- Campaigned with JFK and was elected vice president
Became President on November 22, 1963 when JFK was assassinated Was -kinda- justified in military actions
Kinda in line with prior American Vietnam Doctrine
10 years, $110 billion
58,220 Dead
Effectively lost his "war" Made speech on equal rights
Liked by both parties A Head of the PARTY!! during midterms = obvious choice of the Dem.party
"A Better Deal" - party platform - based off of FDR
liked by people - equal rights, healthcare, poverty Bad Vietnam War Chief Legislator Lyndon B. Johnson
Who was he? A Legislation passed Trips U.S. &Vietnam U.S. & Central America Treaties Peace Without Conquest- April 7, 1965
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution- August 7, 1964
Paris Peace Accords-1968 Panama
Dominican Republic Panama Canal
Nuclear Non-Proliferation
Treaty on Outer Space Civil Rights Act
Wilderness Protection
Pollution Control A A A Head of State = B
Chief Legislator = A
Chief Executive = A
Commander-in-Chief = D
Guardian of the Economy =A
Head of the Party = A
Chief Diplomat = C Final Grade B Overall Grade Questions?!?!?!? Questions?!?!?!? Made 30 vetoes Followed Kennedy's plans Healthcare Reform
War on Poverty
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