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New Zealand Viola Music

A journey through unaccompanied New Zealand Viola music through the lens of Anthony Watson's solo viola sonata.

Alex MacDonald

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of New Zealand Viola Music

Through the lens of Anthony Watson New Zealand Viola Music chugging, filling, and scrubbing Historical perception Viola and piano and unaccompanied viola respectively. Lilburn's not played until 2005
Could have been written by Britten or Walton Alfred Hill and Lilburn Introspective - walnut brown colour and sound Viola Qualities Recitative I - Static/recitative
Scherzo - Moto Perpetuo
Recitative II - Lyric
Dance - Dance Watson solo viola sonata 40 Years alive and 40 dead Anthony Watson - Tragic Watson Recatitive II
John Rimmer - Mahurangi
A. Taylor - Ghosts mvt 1
Ligeti mvt 1
Solo sections from L. Holmes Recitative II
Samuel Holloway - Domestic Architecture Lyric Stamitz, Hoffmeister, Telemann
Walton, Vaughan Williams, Britten
Hindemith and Bartok Expressive lyricism - complex and rich timbre (or acoustic mistake)
Percussive strength - when alone
High tessitura - intriguing beauty
String techniques - pizz, bartok pizz, harmonics, etc.
C string An archetypal schematic His friends and colleagues:
Gordon Skinner, Michael Smithers ONZM, William Dart, etc.
A difficult life. limited output Little about him is published. Martin Lodge is writing a book. Harominc stasis
C string - long lines,
Sustained quiet and sustained very loud Played Viola in National Orchestra
First Mozart Fellow Moto Perpetuo Watson - Scherzo
Martin Lodge - Pacific Rock opening
Alex Taylor - Ghosts m.5
Ligeti sonata - mvt 4 Prestissimo con sordino A few bits of stolen Bach etc - Pedagogical Dance Static Watson - Dance
Biddington - Dance
Lodge - quote near end
Lilburn - Suite mvt 5. Allegramente
A. Taylor - Ghosts mvt 2 and 4
Farquhar - Chap Chap Irregular time signatures
Lilting, fiddling, folky
Open strings (C + G) Watson - 1 Recitative I
Alex Taylor - Ghosts mvt 3, [inner]
solo sections from L.Holmes - Recitative II Uses the traditional dark and noble timbre - legato and rich
An angry element was introduced by Watson Percussive
fast repeated notes
separate bows
ostentation and interruptions
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