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Everything about the anime

Erin Quinn

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Bleach

Bleach "Death is not goodbye." Characters Plot Terms Ichigo Kurosaki Soul Reapers Human World Zanpakuto's and Mod Souls Hollows Vizards Soul Reaper Hollow Created by Tite Kubo in 2001 Agent of Shinigami Soul Society Bount Invasion Arrancar Invasion Invasion of Hueco Mundo Invasion of Soul Society Reigai Uprising Tale of the Lost Agent Quincy Blood War Ongoing... Turn Back The Pendulum Anime-only with uncertain timeline New Captain Shusuke Amagi Zanpakuto Rebellion Beast Swords Dongai Precipice World "We stand in awe before that which cannot be seen. We respect with every fiber of our being that which cannot be explained.

Thus swung the sword of fate." Main Protagonist of the series
15 years old at the start- 17 in final story arc
High School student and Substitute Soul Reaper
Karakura Town, Japan, World of the Living Personality Young Ichigo Always Smiling
Wanted to protect his mom and little sisters
Can see ghosts though he didn't know it
His mother was the center of his world and could always make him smile Teenage Ichigo Stubborn, short-tempered impulsive
Has a permanent scowl on his face (he lightens up).
When alone with ghosts, he tries to sooth them or bring them flowers Soul Reaper Ichigo An uncommon sense of honor
Will not accept the help of his inner hollow because it is unfair to his opponent
Does not like to fight because it involves killing people
Wants to protect as many people as he can
Is disgusted when opponents attack or mistrust their comrades
Taunts opponents
Becomes depressed when he fails to protect a friend "The name's Ichigo. I'm the one who's going to beat your a**. How's it going?" Ichigo Kurosaki, a human who can see ghosts, comes in contact with a girl claiming to be a Soul Reaper.

A monster called a hollow attacks Ichigo's family. The Soul Reaper is injured while protecting him. To save them all, the Soul Reaper transfers her power to Ichigo, making him a Substitute Soul Reaper Clip from first episode-keep in mind, this is 2004-the animation gets better A spirit residing in the Soul Society who's job it is to keep the souls of the living safe. A spirit of a once human who was not brought to the Soul Society. Their sadness turned them into monsters with no heart that feed off of the living and dead. Soul Society: Where the souls of the dead are brought to live by Soul Reapers Spiritual Pressure/ Reiastu: The power each soul has. Soul Reapers have immense pressure and it is the source of their power. Zanpakuto: A Soul Reaper's weapon. The more Spiritual Pressure, the bigger the sword will appear. Using the hilt, the mark the souls of the dead to bring to the Soul Society. Using the blade, they kill hollows to purge them of all sins while a hollow and bring them to the Soul Society Rukia Kuchiki "Fool!" Personality Power Past Has difficulty speaking her thoughts, even to friends
Can act out of any situation in the World of the Living (Ichigo finds it annoying)
Loves rabbit related things
Attempts to explain things with drawings and gets mad when Ichigo makes fun of them
Will support her friends in anything, though she will make fun of them along the way
Does not want anyone to burden themselves even if it meant saving her life
As stubborn and short-tempered as Ichigo Squad 1 Squad 2 Squad 3 Squad 4 Squad 5 Squad 6 Squad 7 Squad 8 Squad 9 Squad 10 Squad 11 Squad 12 Squad 13 Normal Hollows Araancar Bounts
Urahara Shouten Ichigo's Group Fullbringers Others Quincy Zanpakutos Mod Souls Powers Zanpakuto Forms Skills Relationships The place between the World of the Living and Soul Society Soul Society: The other dimension souls go to when they die. Seretei: Where the Soul Reapers and nobility live gaurded by a wall of "Seki-seki" rock that repels forced attacks of most kinds
Rukongai: 80 districts each of increasing poverty where souls with little spiritual pressure live Movies Video Games Family and Friends Special Humans Uryu Ishida Sado Yasutora (Chad) Orihime Inoue Family Karakura High School Isshin Kurosaki Masaki Kurosaki Yuzu Kurosaki Karin Kurosaki
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