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Filipino American: Carlos Bulosan

No description

Daniel Hua

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Filipino American: Carlos Bulosan

Carlos Sampayan Bulosan was a Filipino novelist and poet born on November 2, 1911 based on his baptismal records who came from Pangasinan, Philippines. He was ill from Tuberculosis recovered but later died of an advanced stage of Bronchopneumonia on September 11, 1956 in Seattle, Washington, United States. He is buried at Mount Pleasant cemetery on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. Carlos Bulosan worked are displayed at "The Carlos Bulosan Memorial Exhibit " in the historic Eastern Hotel in Seattle.
Who is Carlos Bulosan?
What is his book "America is in the Heart" about, and why is it significant?
The first half of the book is about Carlos Bulosan's experience in the Philippines.
Peasant Life
Family Life
The second half is based on Bulosan's experience in America.
Financial hardships
Racism (From White America/Other Asian Ethnicities)
Lack of economic opportunities
Social Injustice
Limited Resources
Labor Union Issues

What else has he written, and
what significance has it had on others?
Although Bulosan died on Sept. 13, 1956, his work will forever be credited for serving as a civil and labor rights platform that motivated activism among Asian Americans.
What were Bulosan's experiences working and living in America?
By: Daniel Hua, Jonathan Ascencio and Hanxin Fan
Filipino American: Carlos Bulosan

What happened to Bulosan near the end of his life?
Bulosan’s experiences in America had to be reconciled with the America that he was impressed with growing up in the Philippines.

The Philippines were occupied as an American territory and so, in the early 1900s “Americanization” took place through the education pipeline of the Philippines.

At a young age, Bulosan was given the impression that America was a land of opportunity where all men are created equal. In many ways, it was a faraway land that allowed the impoverished people of the Philippines to elevate themselves and have a better life.
Why is "America Is In The Heart" significant?

"The old world is dying, but a new world is being born. It generates inspiration from the chaos that beats upon us all. The false grandeur and security, the unfulfilled promises and illusory power, the number of the dead and those about to die, will charge the forces of our courage and determination. The old world will die so that the new world will be born with less sacrifice and agony on the living ... "

- From America Is In The Heart
Why is America Is In The Heart significant?
<My Father Goes To Court>
The story is set in a city in the Philippines. The young narrator begins by describing his large family. Though they are poor they are full of mischief and laughter. The children are all strong and healthy even though they often go hungry.
This story tells us to never let your poverty be your weakness. And the other significance is that he gave a much-needed voice to Asian Americans during the labor movements of the early 20th century.
Norman Rockwell Freedom From Want
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