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Nailed It

No description

Terra Oldham

on 7 November 2017

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Transcript of Nailed It

Nailed It
Market Size
Nailed It
The Problem
117.34 Million people in the United States purchased nail polish products in 2016 (>35% of the population)
Major high end brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel have started beauty and polish lines and invested heavily in these products. Which shows nail polish isn't a trend that is going away
The Solution Nailed It
Nailed It is the beauty industry's most innovative iOS application that caters to everyone's nail polish needs. Nailed It provides real time color matching technology and allows users to test polish on their own hands using augmented reality. Users can also browse through the polish library, share the hottest trends, and find suggested colors based on their preferences.
Good colors are challenging to find, and colors look different on everybody based on their complexion
Impossible to find a color you see on another person's hands
Limited resources for finding comprehensive lists of colors
Crowd sourcing is the only way to find colors similar to polish out of stock or old colors
Price and color comparison tools don't exist
Nail polish is one of only a few "non-grocery items" that saw increases in sales in the 2008/9 recession.

A luxury for people of all income levels, with brands starting at $1.99 per bottle, and topping off well above $30.
Last year alone, Americans spent $7.47 billion on manicures
Americans spent $768 million on nail polish in 2012
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