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No description

Lea Plouin

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of saucé

Michèle Payet
Léa Plouin
Delphine Rebecca Olfactive Studio luxury niche brand

- creative fragrance

- artistic concept w/ photographs: brand uniqueness

-young brand w/ potential

- photograph value to develop (cf partnership)

- international launch in 25 countries Product:
minimalist; sophisticated, hand-crafted

Olfactive Studio aligns its price on its competitors, not the highest, not the cheapest.

Selective distribution through chosen perfumeries in France & at international
Direct distribution through the website

High presence on the web (FB; blogs)
High press relation reliability (articles) Brand analysis 4P's

- Creation of an Instagram page/Tumblr.

- Creation of a page.

- partnership w/ Samsung w/ photo app.

- polaroid. Online recommendations Avatar & logo Ambient marketing operations Unlock yourself! Perfumed book insights data Rajouter le nombre de vues Goal: 15 followers Goal: 30 followers Goal: 200 followers 4 P's Video Can you feel it? Sponsors Bastien Allot Michał Mszański Extra... Resume of the semester:

300 hours of work

few nights of sleep

no fight among members :)

lot of jokes

some headaches..

a lot of hate !! (for you)

60 euros for expenses + many coffee at Starbucks!
(if you want to pay us back, we're fine with it! hahaha) Online strategy Teaser A childhood memory
- Marcel Proust's Madeleine What we would have done if we had more time.. Final operation Try catch a scent...
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