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No description

isabella l

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Dance

My favorite dance
My favorite kind of dance is acro because i did acro ever since i was 3 years old and every year i try to learn a different ex: this year i am trying to land my back handspring instead of landing on my knees.
My Favorite Dancer
Pictures of her Sophia Lucia
Contempary is a type of dance that s very slow and you also have to hit a lot of actsents. And it is a lot of work because you are very slow when moving to the music .
Ballet you wear ballet shoes that are baby pink and they are flat at the tip of your foot .In ballet you do a lot of pulls with your legs you also do a lot of partner work.
Lyical is a type of dance that you move to the music slowly it is bacicly like contempary.
Tap = people just think you just tap your feet you do not there is a lot of actsents you have to hit . You have to go on your hele and then on your tip of you foot
Hip Hop
Hip Hop is a type of dance that you spin on your head and you do a lot of things of your hands. In Hip Hop you make a lot of noies and you have to hit a lot of act sents.
Jazz you do a bunch of diffrent truns leps and jumps. In jazz you do some truns leps and jumps that are in french. You use black or bashe jazz shoes
Types of dance
Hip Hop
Acro you do a buch of tricks you do doubble tricks you lern a bunch of cool things like kartweels backhand springs and so much more.
Thanks for watching
By Isabella
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