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Literacy Across The Curriculum

No description

Paul Hanson

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Literacy Across The Curriculum

Writing Longer Answers
Simple Structures: PEA/PEACE:


Green Pen Marking
Don't mark anything until the student has proof-read and marked it first.
Verbal Feedback Stamps
Correct what you're comfortable with, perhaps:
capital letters?
full stops?
common spellings?
Writing Longer Answers
Literacy-Friendly Teaching
Discourse markers
(connectives and sentence openers) help students link and develop their ideas. They are for:
(similarly, likewise, moreover, for example...)
(conversely, however, whereas...)
(to begin, firstly, finally...)
(naturally, thus, therefore...)
(above all, especially, in particular...)
(for instance, to illustrate, such as...)
Coming Soon
Dyslexia-Friendly Literacy
A uniform board in every classroom, which includes:
a 'Read Right' half
a 'Write Right' half

'Kaganised' Literacy Placemats
A3, laminated placemats, which will include:
basic literacy skills
common errors
subject-specific terminology
Things you could do:
Steinbeck presents George and Lennie's friendship as being very difficult for George:
"God a'mighty, if I was alone I could live so easy."'

Clearly, this shows that for George being with Lennie is nothing but trouble; he obviously believes that his life would be better without Lennie around. This is clear from his exclamation 'God a'mighty', which shows how frustrated he is by Lennie's behaviour.
Moreover, this idea is developed later when Steinbeck has George playing
, a game for one, instead of a game he could play with Lennie.
Essentially, the fact that Lennie has to ask '
"why is it both ends [of the cards] the same?"
' tells the reader that George is always going to be lonely even with Lennie there.

(Band Four)
on Thursday:
Word of the Day
specialist terminology to answer registers
correct little errors
ensure your presentations and resources are correct
next term:
Green Pen Marking
Verbal Feedback Stamps
refer to the dyslexia-friendly literacy boards
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