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How to Write a Resume and Cover Letter

No description

Sara Taylor

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of How to Write a Resume and Cover Letter

Styles of Résumés
a) ____________________________________________
b) ________________________
c) ____________________
Matrix Partners preso!
Harvard Business Review
How to lower the cost of enterprise sales?
Your résumé will get you the interview,
not the job.
Yes Pile!
Visit our website!
Champlain College 204
Don’t forget to visit the Career Centre!
Résumé & Cover Letter
Looking Good on Paper
What is a résumé ?
Types of résumés
Creating your résumé
Cover letters

What is a résumé?
Your personal marketing tool
Written description of your skills and experience
Concise, persuasive and well-written
Targeted to your reader
Always changing
The first step in your work search

The Basic Content
Objective - Recommended. It should be brief, clearly stated and matched to the job/program.

Summary - A summary/profile to highlight your strengths that are relevant to the employer.

Education - Include relevant course work, thesis, practica, research, papers and/or placements if relevant to the job (grades if noteworthy)
Awards - Include honours, citations, scholarships, and other recognition.

Describe achievements from employment and volunteer work.
Organizing your experience to highlight the most relevant

Interests & Activities - Indicate your personality and uniqueness
Candidate A
Candidate B
Candidate C
Specific, targeted, brief
Make sure the objective “says something”

A few short statements that highlight skills, knowledge, personal qualities
May also be called Profile or Summary
Take cues from the job ad
Prove it

Important enough to go at the top!
Provide detail and expand on relevant courses, projects, papers, labs, research.

Don't forget to call Mom!
Relevant Experience:
Includes relevant experience: school, internship, paid, volunteer, Co-Curricular Record

Employment History
All paid work experience
Reverse chronological order

Skills based
Combination of the two styles

Choose the style that is best for you.
Skills Headings - Examples
Research Skills
Ability to gather, analyze and interpret information
Leadership Skills
Experienced leading groups of peers in academic projects
Customer Service
Interacted with public in fast-paced, customer satisfaction environment
Other Possible Skills Headings
Computer Applications
International Experience
Office Administration
Organizational Skills
Public Relations
Other Possible Headings
Awards and Achievements
Training & Certification
Additional Special Skills
Hobbies, Interests
Use what works for you.
705-748-1011 x6012
Hours: Monday - Friday (9:30-4:30)
Why write letters?
Introduce yourself
Demonstrate your writing skills
Expand/highlight points in résumé
Gain interest
“Available on request”
Do not include personal information about your references on your résumé
Typically will be asked to provide separate references sheet at the interview
Who & How
Professors, employers, organization/club leaders, etc.
Contact them and get their permission!
Provide information about the position & remind them of your duties/skills

Sending & Follow Up
Follow instructions about format, e.g. Word, pdf
Your name in title of attached documents, e.g. J. Low résumé

What next? Follow up.
Difference between types of letters during this step
Dependent on if the job is advertised or not
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