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Anatomy vs Physiology

No description

Lakeisha Harris

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of Anatomy vs Physiology

Anatomy vs Physiology
What is anatomy?
Anatomy is the branch of science which is concerned with the bodily structure of humans, animals, and other living organisms.
Example of Anatomy
An example would be the anatomy of the thoracic cavity, also known as the chest cavity. It is enclosed by the ribs and includes the lungs, heart, and diaphragm, among many other things.
What is physiology?
Physiology is the branch of biology which deals with the normal functions of living things, including processes such as nutrition, movement, and reproduction.
Picture of Anatomy
Picture of Physiology
Example of Physiology
An example of physiology is the way everything in the thoracic cavity works, such as the way the heart beats. The heartbeat is triggered by several electrical impulses that travel down a special pathway; SA node > AV node > Purkinje Fiber's.
Lakeisha Harris
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