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What is a typical Australian by Jess

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of What is a typical Australian by Jess

What is a typical Australian?
By Jess Garbett 5/6N
2 story house
Live in Brisbane
Own a dog
4 people in the family (2 children & 2 parents)
Children go to private schools
Family is catholic
2 cars
Have a pool
Have a backyard
Children play sports
Speak English
Born in Australia
Married Parents
Go on holiday twice a year
3 bedroom house
Children have their own rooms
Family of 5 (3 children and 2 parents)
Own 1 pet
Catholic Family
Public schooling for the children
3 electronics
Office-working parents
Parents work in school hours
Don't have a pool
Parents age 35-40
Have a backyard
Kids play sport
Kids age 11-12
Whole family born in Australia
25% family of 4
45% live in major cities
11.6% earn $600-$800 per week
25.8% catholic
70% born in Australia
Average Age- 37
2 cars per household
81% speak English as their home language
18,262 marriages
Australia-0.03% of the world
13.39% aged under 20
11.8% aged over 50
From the data collected an average Australian has a family of 4, they live in a major city, the parents earn $600-$800 a week, catholic, born in Australia, aged 37, 2 cars per household, speak English as their home language and have married parents.
In conclusion,
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