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"I Am Presentation"

No description

Ellie Feng

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of "I Am Presentation"

"I Am Presentation"
Created by: Ellie Feng
As we mature into adults, we all face the reality of choosing the path that decides our future. Our occupation. To prepare for these choices that will need to be made later in life, I have been thinking intently about some fields of study I am interested in. One job that interests me is being a psychologist. All my life, I have been curious as to how our mental process works and what it is like to help people deal with their physical and emotional struggles. Another occupation that caught my interest is being a doctor. Being a doctor appeals to me because it allows me to chase after my love for anatomy. And finally the last occupation that lets me pursue my love of science is.... chemistry. My parents were both chemists and their work in that field really inspires me to become one too. However, it doesn't matter if I get my dream occupation, as long as I make enough money to support myself and my family.
An Introduction
My Personal Interests
and Hobbies
As you probably know, my dominant race is Chinese. But being Chinese is one of the many variables that makes me who I am. In our family, we speak both English and Chinese, so I'm bilingual. This is especially useful, because I can easily converse with my relatives or friends if I don't want anyone else to understand what we are saying.
Some traditions of the Chinese Culture
We celebrate the typical Chinese holidays like the Mid-Autumn Festival which is on September 27 this year and the Spring Festival which will be on February 8th next year
The Chinese use the lunar calendar which is based on the cycle of the moon, instead of the solar calendar
The year we are born in decides our Chinese zodiac, which is an animal
There are many legends and stories explaining how things came to be or why things act a certain way
Chinese culture is very interesting to me and I'm learning something new about it every day.
My name is Ellie Feng. I was born on November 16, 2002, in San Diego, CA. I go to school at Oak Valley and live with my parents and my little sister, Anna. I could drone on and on about my life, my personality...But enough with the boring stuff. You may know me as "that girl who worries about everything". But I am honestly so much more than who you know me as. For starters, I am an ambivert as well as a defensive friend. I usually don't talk much with people, because I'm always observing, watching, collecting information about you that I'm sure to use against you in the future. Just kidding. I prefer to get involved in other people's lives instead of dealing with my own life. I often find pleasure in knowing how other's feel and what goes on in their lives instead of mine. Instead of indulging in myself, I find interest in those around me. Perhaps that is one of my flaws. Or not. How you choose to view me depends on your understanding of who I am to you.
In my free time, I enjoy a variety of extracurricular activities including dancing, drawing, and playing the piano.
About myself and my personality

What I Want to Do this Year
Some things I want to do this year are
go star gazing, cloud watching, watch a sunset/sunrise this year
do well in all of my extracurricular classes (Science Olympiad, MathCounts, piano, etc.)
Some goals I have for the distant future are
go to an Ivy League school
get a well paid job
And the rest will be decided sometime later.
I hope that if you are reading this, we will never forget each other, because all of you, my friends, are the people who have made lasting impacts on my life. Without you, and you, and you, and you, and you, there would be holes in my heart, that no one could fill. Thank you for being there for me, my friends, and just remember that I am always here for you too. <3
And Some Other Sappy Stuff
My Occupation Goals
I have been dancing since I was 6 years old and it takes up most of my time on the weekends. Dancing is one hobby that I am quite passionate about and probably my favorite activity. By taking dance, I have met some of my closest friends and they support me in everything that I do.
I started playing the piano at around the same time I started dance and it is also one of my favorite pastimes. Playing the piano is an escape from the stress and troubles of life. It allows to dump out all my emotions onto a blank canvas and once I have played enough, I'm usually quite refreshed and also quite tired.
Drawing is a more direct way of letting me express myself. When it is just me, my pen and my paper, there is a whole wide world of unlimited possibilities awaiting me. Sometimes when I'm feeling creative, I usually paint some natural scenery. But other times when I'm feeling really disorganized, I usually just scribble or doodle or whatever comes to my mind.
I probably make my hobbies sound better than my actual skill at them, but nevertheless, I still love them just the same. They are a big part of who I am, and without them I would probably just be a big walking sack of boringness.
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