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Mr. G

No description

grace Kelly

on 12 February 2016

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Transcript of Mr. G

Mr. G
Alan Lightman is the author of five other books. His books have appeared in
The Atlantic, Granta, The New Yorker,
and many more publications. He is also a theoretical physicist. He worked at both Harvard and MIT.
My Evaluation
This book is very enjoyable. I really like the science aspects (however, some I do not understand). I like the how he portrayed God in such a different and out of the box way . Also, his beautiful details in describing the universe were mezmorizing.
One setting is the void; it is an empty place where all there is to see is blackness and all there is to hear is the soft humming of the beings inside it. Another setting is Aalam - 104729; it is the lasting universe that Mr. G created. Earth is within its bounds.
Mr. g by alan lightman
Mr. G is a young man who lives in the void of space. He lives with his aunt and uncle. He has the ability to create anything, for nothing has been created yet. He has always dreamed of something more. He knows so much about everything and his capacity to understand is unchartable. Mr. G stands for God, the whole premise of this book is creation. He is portrayed as the spiritual athiest's version of God.

Aunt P is a loud woman who insists that her ideas are correct. She is noted for her big mouth and her huge hair. Uncle D is a careful person and who feels spirtuality is the most important thing.
Aunt and Uncle
Mr. G is an immortal being who wakes up from a long sleep with his Aunt and Uncle. He only walks in nothingness and has nothing (for nothing has been created yet). He gets an idea to create universes, he makes more than one.
Most of them die except for one. He decides on a name, Alam-104729. He meets two beings, Belhor and his henchman or sidekick. Belhor teases Mr. G and makes constant suggestions regarding the beings Mr. G is trying to create.
Mr. G creates and populates Earth. He notes how unhappy the people are. Over time he marvels at the evolution of his creations and how they grow as humans. After eons, more beings appeared on other planets. What will he create next?
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