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Beyond Prezi-tations: Using Prezi to Facilitate Online Learning

Cloud-based interactions that facilitate class discussion and feedback

Shawn Apostel

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Beyond Prezi-tations: Using Prezi to Facilitate Online Learning

Beyond the Prezi-tation
Using Prezi to Facilitate Online Learning
Shawn Apostel, Ph.D
Bellarmine University
Create a Prezi and add students as editors
Use the same email as Prezi account
Make sure "Editor" is selected
The 2014 Kentucky Pedagogicon Conference at Eastern Kentucky University
Post your lecture slides and let students comment
Assign one or two questions/comments for homework
How many people
can edit at a time? -tj
How will you know who did the work? - hc
10 people can edit at a time
Have students leave their initials by every comment
How can their comments be used? -sa
During the lecture, refer to comments and answer questions that have been entered by students
Create a template for brainstorming sessions
Each student gets a frame
to share their ideas for homework
Students can add pictures/videos
Students then add comments
to other student ideas
In class, frames can be clicked on
individually or linked in a path
to facilitate class discussion
For in-class brainstorming sessions
Have one student in a group
(less than 10) create a Prezi
and add others as "Editors"
Students can then add comments
to other student ideas
During the session, project
these Prezis to the class and
provide feedback
Try it now. Add your Prezi account email to this Google Doc
You need to have a Prezi account,
and I need your Prezi account email
Tip: Share a copy of your Prezi
with the class, not the original
Write your question/comment
in one of these frames
and I'll add you as editor to this Prezi.
Text here!
Hi Steve!
Hi Shawn!
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