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Escaping Flatland: A Discussion of Data Visualization in Libraries

Discussion for CARL Conference 2012

Andrew Weiss

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Escaping Flatland: A Discussion of Data Visualization in Libraries

Tokyo Subway Map LED Readout Andrew Weiss
Digital Services Librarian
Oviatt Library
The California State University, Northridge Tenets of
Data Vizualisation Good Examples: Weak Examples: DISCUSSION &
ACTIVITY Escaping Flatland: A Discussion of
Data Visualization in Libraries A combination of substance, statistics & design
Complex ideas communicated with clarity, precision & efficiency
Viewer gets greatest # of ideas in shortest time, with least "ink" in the smallest space possible
It gets at "truth" - not truthiness / veritasiness
(Sorry Stephen Colbert!) But how do I get from Point A to Point B (in a straight line, that is)? May have:
'Chart junk'
Little/no context
An unclear purpose Tristram Shandy | By Laurence Stern, 1760 - 67 Why Data Visualization? http://scatcat.fhsu.edu/~apweiss/timeline-space-2.html Anscombe's Quartet OF
Often Show Scale & Time
Often Show progressions & changes
Show clear causal relationships
Evince new connections

{for users} http://scatcat.fhsu.edu/~apweiss/timeline-space-2.html CHART JUNK: Balla: African village
built on fractals
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