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Transgender Basics

An introduction to interacting respectfully/ knowledgeably with people who are Transgender

Leo Mohlke

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Transgender Basics

Don't Assume
Whether someone is or is not Transgender based on appearance


Male = masculine
Female = feminine

Medical History (including...)
Use of Hormones or Surgery
Path of Transition
Mental Health Issues
Tips for Interacting
Use the correct pronouns (try to figure it out through context or ask if necessary)
Use the name they desire
Treat them as you would anyone of their gender
Genderqueer People
People who are Transgender:
Change from one gender to the other
Use medical intervention (surgery and/or hormones) to match appearance to real* gender
Prefer the pronouns related to their real* gender
Like to be treated just like anyone else who shares their real* gender
Terms to Avoid
- offensive / derogatory slang term
- most people use Transgender because it describes a wider range of transition possibilities
- outdated word to describe cross-dressers - some people find this word offensive
- implies that a person identifies with their birth sex but dresses the opposite for fun
Pretender/ posing
- implies that their feelings
aren't real
Transgenders/ A Transgender
- turns transgender into a noun as if it is the only describer of that person
She-male, He-she, it
- turns a person into an object
Transgender is an umbrella word that refers to all the folks who either . . .
1. Do not identify with the gender
assigned to them at birth

2. Identify outside of the
Male - Female Binary
Transgender Basics
Related Terms
Female-to-Male (FtM) = assigned female at birth, identifies as male
Also known as a Transman, or Transmale
Safe Words
umbrella or more specific term
process of changing from birth gender to the other
Gender identity
the gender with which one identifies
Gender expression
the way in which a person expresses their gender
Under the Transgender Umbrella
Identify outside of the
Male - Female Binary
May have a different label for themselves than Genderqueer
May dress "female" on one day and "male" on another day - this does
invalidate their identity
Important: Labels describe people but do not define them
Labeled as "Transgender" within the Transgender Umbrella
Labeled as "Genderqueer"
*Real* gender = gender they identify with
Male-to-Female (MtF) = assigned male at birth, identifies as female
Also known as a Transwoman, or Transfemale
Their name
Pronouns they prefer
Words they use to describe themselves or ask you to use
Words you would use in conversation to anyone of their gender
Don't ask about their past unless they offer information
Don't tell anyone else without explicit permission
Don't ask about genitals - you wouldn't do this to anyone else
May be Transgender
ex. female assigned at birth identifies
as a Genderqueer male
. . . More
May chose other pronouns such as...
they, their, them (most common)
ze, zir, zim
co (Co left cos jacket at cos house)

Title IX (2014) - covers transgender students
Leo Mohlke
IAA - 2014 alumni
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