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Found Poetry

Found poetry lesson for my 4th hour grammar class

Rebecca Huebner

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of Found Poetry

March 14th 2011

What is Found Poetry?
What is Blackout Poetry?
Content Objective: Students will be able to understand, explain, and create found and blackout poetry.
Language Objective: Students will discuss found poetry. Found Poetry is Poetry that you find. It can be found anywhere.
Newpapers, magazines, books, etc. How do you make a found poem? Good question.
There are different kinds of found poetry. The kind of found poetry that we are going to try is called blackout poetry. Blackout poetry is a form of found poetry that "blacks out" the unwanted words in the article. This is a little confusing. Can you give me an example of a found poem using blackout poetry? Yes I can Caffeine Addiction

Caffine consumption is on the rise
Caffeine is a drug
As we become conditioned
We need more
Users fail to reconize that
The body isn't built
To be fueled by caffeine
Abby says, I feel happier when I drink more
Take away caffeine
Muscle pain
Crabby attitudes
And Depression
Don't Panic
For most of you
The addiction hasn't come. So, where did I find this poem? In a newpaper article. Cool right? So how do I start? Find a newpaper article Step 1: Read the article Find words that are important in the article and circle them. Step 2 Step 3 Blackout the words that you do not need Step 4 Write your poem Step 5 Rules 1. Do not use more than 4 words in a row 2. Poem reads in order of the article
You cannot read the poem out of order 3. Poem has to make sense
You cannot just pick out random words and call it a poem. 4. Have fun
You will not have the same poem as anyone else in the room Ready to start?
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