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The Humpback Whale

BY: Saaraa and sunny

jenny bell

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of The Humpback Whale

The Humpback Whale BY:Sunny and Saaraa A.K.A: The Megaptera
Novaeangliae Where do Humpback Whales Live? The Humpback Whales are found in all the oceans in the world. They are even some times found in the arctic ocean! What are some adaptations of a humpback Whale? The Humpback Whales migrate seasonaly from the tropics to the northern feeding grounds. Humpback Whales hunt cooperativley using the bubble net strategy where several whales circle underwater emiting a stream of bubbles which trap fish in an air ring so they can eat it. Breaching and beautiful yet complex songs are made by males to mate. What do Hunpback Whales eat and how do they get it? Humpback Whales use the bubble net strategy to catch small fish.They sneek up to krill, open their mouth and secretly catches the krill. The Humpback Whales and its young Humpback Whale babies are called Calves. A mother Humpback Whale has 1 or 2 calves at a time. A mother will feed the baby milk for the first couple months. Why are Humpback Whales endangered? Many humans litter in the water and the Humpback Whales eat it thinking it is food. People are killing many of them too. They usually get wased up on shores. People are helping Humpback Whales by not polluting the sea. They also made laws about Wale killing. If someone sees a Humpback Whale, They must tell and they special people will come and send it back to sea. This is a picture a Humpback Whale and it's calf together, finding food. Fun Facts A Humpback Whale's call can be heard from a mile away. Humpback Whales are $% feet Humpback Whales are 45 feet long! of This is a song/call by a humpback Whale This is an example of Humpback Whales using the bubble net stategy.
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