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What woud you rather be- WISE or INTELLIGENT?

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Carolyne García Garita

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of What woud you rather be- WISE or INTELLIGENT?

What would you rather be- WISE or INTELLIGENT?
Be wise is the ability to choose goals that are worthwhile that is, to do the right things.
Be wise is to apply our knowledge, so, just on time and space, considering the situations and circumstances, and distinguishing positive from negative.
A wise person isn't necessarily the fastest or the smartest or the brightest. Maybe not even reach the peaks, and doing so isn't the first or the best to do so. A wise is simply better select the peaks that worth while climbing.
Intelligence is to be very efficient
Person with the ability to reason, to learn, to understand, to build up, this can be seen reflected in a certain action
Intelligent is the one that gets good results, which achieves thing whatever these might be.
If intelligent is practical, he can achieve a lot, he can achieve many goals
Intelligence is the ability to do things right
Wise is to be effective in what matters.
Being wise is synonymous of experience and intelligence!
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