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Animal Cell Project: Cruise Boat

No description

Liviana Giaseufowl

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Animal Cell Project: Cruise Boat

A Cell is to a Place Lien Mai Animal Cell is to... Mitochondria is to... Cytoskeleton Microtubule is to... Centriole is to... Peroxisome is to... Cytoskeleton Microfilament is to... Lung cells under micrograph ~ create ATP (energy) to activate the functions of many organelles and others in the cell ~ Produce digestive enzyme that break down alcohol, bacteria, and other toxic substances ~ Function mainly for mitosis, cytokinesis, and vesicular transport ~ Each centriole pulls the chromosomes in half during cell division; made of microtubules ~ Responsible for movement and shaping of cell Cell Membrane is to... ~ Tube in the cell membrane that control which substances enter and/or leave cell. ~ Houses and protects cell's genetic information that contain instructions for structure and function of organism Nucleus is to... ~ Made from the nucleolus and is attached to the rough endoplasmic reticulum; responsible for building protein Ribosome is to... ~ Produces lipids such as cholesterol that are high in fat Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum is to... ~ Covered in ribosomes that synthesize proteins Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum is to... ...a Cruise Ship [How?] ~ Keep internal environment of cell away from external environment of cell and allow certain things to come and go. ~ Prevent people aboard from accidentally slipping or running into the ocean
~ Only the ship crew and the right passengers can get on ...Ship Railings and Walls ~ Labels, modifies, sorts, and packages proteins and direct the destinations where they would end up at Golgi Apparatus is to... Flagella is to... ~ Small single-membraned sacs CLASSIFIED BY THEIR CONTENT; can migrate to and merge with plasma membrane
(My analogies for vesicles vary because their contents are different.) Vesicles is to... ~ Hairlike structure tightly packed in rows that projects from cell Cillia is to... Protein Channel is to... ~ Make sure the right passengers are getting on board. ...Security Guard at Railings ~ Contain and deliver information and announcements, also instructions in cases of emergency. ...Pilot House ~ Both are areas outside of nucleus; cytoplasm include organelles and other materials inside cell; cytosol does not include organelles Cytoplasm & Cytosol is to... ~ Everything on board that is outside the pilot house
~ All the air and the particles outside the pilot house yet within the boundary of the ship ...the Ship's outside from Pilot House ~ Keep suspicious or lost people away from ship. ~ Comes up with instructions to give to other members of the crew and sometimes the passengers. Nucleolus is to Captain ~ Carried out by the pilot house to the crew members on a normal day Chromatin/Chromosomes is to Instructions on board/in emergencies ~ The barrier structure keep the things that belong in the pilot house in the pilot house Nuclear Envelope is to the walls, ceiling, and floor that make up pilot house ~ Only let certain people in and out the pilot house; those that have the key or the permission to come in Nuclear Pore is to Pilot House's Door ~ Site where DNA is concentrated and ribosomal RNA is made. ~ Membrane that surrounds the nucleus to separate the nucleus from the cytoplasm ~ Provide passageway for RNA and certain other materials that NEED to enter or leave nucleus ~ Chromatin = structure of DNA in nucleus in loose form; in that state when cell is not dividing and normal-conditioned
~ Chromosomes = structures of DNA; appear in nucleus when cell is ready to divide (to transfer to new cell) ~ Carried out by pilot house to crew and passengers in cases of emergency/evacuation that needs to be moved into lifeboats ~ Long hairlike structure that enable cell to move ~ Drive the cruise ship forward; there seem to be very FEW in numbers that rotate at the bottom of ship ...Ship Propellers ~ Lifeboat in 1912; people used MULTIPLE oars around the boat to row to safety ...Oars on Lifeboats ...Chef in Restaurant ~ Produce fast foods that contain a lot of food that are cooked in oil, they are full of fat ...Fast Food Restaurants ~ ...normal Restaurants and Buffets ~ Place where people eat full, nutritious meals from certified, professional chefs ~ Generate electricity for the whole ship from energy created by diesel fuel. ...Diesel Generating Room ~ ...Sanitary System ~ Similar to the motion of propellers ~ Similar to the motion of oars ~ Cook and turn raw ingredients into edible food for everyone else; hired by captain and work in restaurants *See Rough E.R.* Caption: Proteins from E.Rs are moved by transport vesicles to Golgi then moved again by secretory vesicles to be released to external environment ~ Sanitary system receive hygiene waste products from the people, sort them out (*See Lysosome & Vesicles*), then send them out to the ocean ~ T vesicles (people): carry proteins (food) from ERs (restaurants) to Golgi (sanitary system (connected to toilets))
~ S vesicles (gray and black water system): carry proteins (waste products) from Golgi to the outside of cell (ocean) Transport Vesicles are to People ~ "Breakdown bodies"; created from Golgi and digest exess/worn out organelles, food particles, and viruses and bacteria; can migrate and merge with membrane Lysosome is to Black Water Tank Secretory Vesicles are to Gray Water and Black Water System ~ Gray and Black Water System: Gray = let water from drains and sinks out into ocean
Black = let water from toilet out into ocean ...Medical Facility ~ Treat illnesses and diseases to those who contracted any on cruise ship ~ A part of the sanitary system; consume (take in) waste products (excess things that people get rid of from their body that contain harmful substances), then let them out into ocean ...Evacuation Groups ~ Each group is stationed around the ship to help groups of people (part of the cytoplasm) evacuate; *share* with each other instructions and situations ...Evacuation People (Overall) ~ Help and guide passengers during evacuation ...Ship Structure ~ Gives support to everything on ship and allow ship to stay intact and in shape while it moves
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