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STAR Award 2012/13

Step-by-step guide

Caro Singer

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of STAR Award 2012/13

Step-by-step Guide STAR Award 2012/13 Attend ONE Skills Development workshop.

When? 24 to 3 December 2012
Where? Kings' Campus
Why? Learn about transferable skills and get support from a range of local, national and international employers Skills Development workshop Activate your MyAberdeen ePortfolio Add your Skills Audit now and later your Record of Activity
Start to add evidence Employability Workshop Attend ONE Employability workshop.

Wide range of topics and supporting employers available!

When? 24 October 2012 - 20 February 2013
Where? King's Campus
Why? Demonstrate additional achievement
of Aberdeen Graduate Attributes - enhance your STAR Award experience: use your Skills Audit to help you pick the topic. Attend ONE Interview Skills workshop

When? 29 January - 20 February 2013
Where? King's Campus
Why? Receive practical guidance from a range of local, national and international employers - stand out from the crowd! Interview Skills workshop Assessment Submit your completed Portfolio
Attend a competency-based interview
Get feedback on your performance To find out more about how the STAR Award
is recognised, visit:
DONE! www.abdn.ac.uk/careers/co-curriculum/staraward
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