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The Village of Hamburg, NY Revitilization

No description

Laura Hackathorn

on 29 October 2017

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Transcript of The Village of Hamburg, NY Revitilization

Road Project
Building Design Standards
and Zoning Code Improvements

Main St. Grant
The Village of Hamburg's Successful
Economic Development Transformation
"There are two primary choices in life:
to accept conditions as they exist,
or accept the responsibility for changing them."
We are transformed.
Over the past decade, the Village of Hamburg has seen big changes;
roundabouts, building renovations, businesses partnering with
government, renewed community pride, excitement for the future....
Denis Waitley
The Route 62 Road Project was the initial catalyst in the village transformation.
Walkable Communities
The Route 62 Committee
Traffic Calming
Splitter Islands
10 ft. driving lanes
colored safety lanes
street trees
Main and Buffalo Streets
Before and After
Dramatic Changes
$800,000 in NY state tax dollars returned to and invested in our community
Almost 40 property owners assisted
New or restored facades are transforming the look of our village
Since it is a 50% matching grant, $800,000 means at least $1.6 million invested,
although, the $200,000 received in 2006 alone contributed towards $1.2 million in investment !!
The state receives a great return on their investment.
The Village of Hamburg is recognized by the
Division of Housing and Community Renewal as
"Best Practices" for the Main Street Grant
Grant Projects
Before and After
Don't underestimate the value of a great track record.
Timing was important..
For optimal results, design standards had to be in place
Before the road project was complete and
Before we applied for the NY Main St. Grant.
Design Standards have been established
mainly to improve the visual quality of the
primary streets leading through the Village's
business district, improve resident's quality of life,
and increase property values.
Following our Comprehensive Plan, zoning changes were made that strengthened our traditional business district - zero setback for new buildings on Main St., supported upper floor residential by requiring two-three story buildings, storefront glass requirements for an enhanced pedestrian experience, signage updates
The Village Government
The Route 62 Committee
The Business Community/VBAC
Hamburg Development Corporation
Hamburg Chamber of Commerce
The Hamburg Code Enforcement Officer
The Architectural Review Committee
The Historic Preservation Commission
The Planning Board
The Zoning Board of Appeals
The Village Economic Development Committee
Consultants and Grant Writers
Trust and Relationships
A vibrant Main Street Experience
The attendees of the charette became aware of and
valued what it meant to have a walkable community.
Their mission:
Educate the community and market
the Alternative Plan
A village is like a garden...it's all about the details.
Along Main and Buffalo Streets, all building design and materials, exterior renovation, facade renovation, window replacement, roof replacement, storefronts, outdoor lighting, signs, awnings and streetscapes are reviewed to insure compliance with the design standards.
No Village of Hamburg
Businesses were lost due to
the road construction.
largely due to the efforts
of the VBAC.
Their accomplishments include:

Created a business network that produced a unified voice to the project.

Monthly dining in the village to support local restaurants.

Published weekly construction updates that included traffic reroutes and business accessibility.

Weekly calendar of events that communicated marketing and promotions.

Back Door Deals highlighted an alternative entrance to buisinesses.
The initial purpose of this group was to form a task force to address the problems and challenges that faced village businesses and the community as a whole during the road construction.
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