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Kid Rock

No description

Kyle Mizer

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Kid Rock

Kid Rock How was Kid Rock Discovered? Subject of music/genre Who is their audience By:
Kyle Mizer
Ethan Everhart Style of band and has it been
influential in pop culture Rap-Rock/Country and yes it has been very influential to fans as well as other artists. He has influenced many other artists and how they look at music and the way they prefom it. Kid Rock is very active while on stage, so other musical groups adopted this style. His influences include Warren Zevon, Jim Croce, Hank Williams, Jr., Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, David Allan Coe, Bob Seger, Run-DMC, Beastie Boys, Eric B. & Rakim, Esham, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Many of his Inluences sang genres such as Rap, old country, and southern Rock. History and Background Kid Rock primarily released his own music at First,
with a lot of people taking like to it. Jive records gave him his first big chance at national attention and produced an album. Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast. Kid rock has sang various genres including rock, country, rap rock, rap metal, heavy metal, hard rock, southern rock, hip hop. In the beginning of his career, he stuck to more of Rap/Rock genre. As his career progreses, he has switched to more country/rock genres. Anyone from teens to adults listen to kid rock. He is more popular in the younger generation such as mid teens. Many people like his liveliness while on stage, and the messages in his music. Kid Rock was born in January 17, 1971 in Romeo, Michigan. Detroit rap-rocker Kid Rock shot to superstardom with his fourth full-length album, 1998's Devil Without a Cause Kid Rocks Influences Who have they influenced Kid Rock has influenced such artist and groups as Eminem, Lil Wayne, Yelawolf, Uncle Kracker, Paradime, Ty Stone, Jocaine and 75 North, Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson, Jason Aldean, Colt Ford, The Sheepdogs and The Young Brothers What do critics say? Critics say that his music is rather inappropriate while the fans really seem to enjoy it. While they dont necessarily like the music, critics also say that Kid Rock concerts are great, and he knows how to get the fans involved and keep a good atmosphere. Born Free All Summer Long Awards 1999 Best New Artist
1999Best Hard Rock Performance for "Bawitdaba"
1999 Best New Hard Rock Artist
Outstanding National Hip Hop Writer/Producer
Outstanding National Single for "I Am the Bullgod"
Outstanding National Single for "American Bad Ass"
Outstanding National Single for "All Summer Long"
Outstanding National Album for Devil Without a Cause
Outstanding National Album for Rock n Roll Jesus
Outstanding National Spokesperson
Outstanding National Duet for "Higher" with Robert Bradley
Wide Open Country Video of the Year for "All Summer Long"
2008 Worlds Best Male Pop Artist
2008 Worlds Best Male Pop Artist
2009 Hit Of The Year for "All Summer Long"
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