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Top Ten Place To Visit

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Angel Galindo

on 18 November 2016

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Transcript of Top Ten Place To Visit

Chicago is one of the place to visit because it is one of of Midwest's best cities. The beaches are amazing and beautiful to be at.Theres Lakefront Trail best view in the world and town.
China is one of the greatest numbers and variety of Worldclass Tourist attraction in the world.China is the one that has the great wall of China. The food of China is one of the best in the world.
San Francisco
San Francisco has the best weather in the United States. It has one big beautiful red bridge.It has the World class arts and first class hotels to stay.
Europe city is so beautiful and it is one part of Paris.There are many Castles in Europe and they are big and great to visit. There is a beach around the city and it look amazing.
New York
New York is one of the big city that we have in the United State. It is surrounded by water and the city is two part.The people that like sports New York is one of the place to visit there is a important sport thing that the famous players go visit.
Hawaii is a island that is part of the United State that has volcano around it. Hawaii has one of the surfing boogie boarding windsurfing spots in the world. In Hawaii is where Pearl Harbor happen and you could see the military boats.
In Brazil there are more than 2,000 beaches stretching along Brazil shoreline. It has a beautiful Christ of Redeemer. Where the many sport happen and where player go to visit.
France Paris Has the amazing Eiffel Tower that you could go to the top in see the hole city. It has a place that is call Disneyland Paris that you can take your children to have fun. The city is big and many place and restaurant that you can go eat and visit.
Top Ten Place To Visit
Angel Galindo

France Paris
North Carolina
North Carolina has a beautiful white beaches to go visit. It has one of the amazing forest in the world. It has many place to visit in North Carolina.
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