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2012 Election Project; 7th Grade SS

No description

Jen Boa

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of 2012 Election Project; 7th Grade SS

7th Grade SS
Ms. Boa 2012 Election Project Create a PREZI or POWER POINT containing information about the 2012 Elections for
President, NC Governor, and the NC House of Representatives It has several due dates
It must be worked on at home
We will work in class a few days
You will need the internet for research and Prezi Presentation
PowerPoint or Keynote presentations are also appropriate This is a LONG TERM PROJECT: Create a name for your project
Use your FULL HEADING on this page
Cover Page and Title Name
Date Election 2012
Presidential Candidates
1 Slide per candidate
with the following: Mitt Romney Barack Obama
-short biography
-Party affiliation

North Carolina
Gubernatorial Candidates -picture
-short biography
-Party affiliation Pat McCrory Walter Dalton 1. Find our what DISTRICT you are in
--Charlotte is District 12
--Weddington & Waxhaw are District 9
--Belmont/Mt. Holly are District 10

North Carolina
House of Representatives 2. Find out who is running for the House of Representatives FROM YOUR DISTRICT 1 Slide per candidate with the following:
--short biography
--party affiliation 1 Slide per candidate with the following: 1. Find an appropriate PRESIDENTIAL political cartoon online and copy/paste it onto this slide.

2. Use the assigned political cartoon worksheet (edline) to analyze each cartoon Political Cartoon Pages 2 & 3 Page #1 Pages 4 & 5 Pages 6 & 7 Pages 8-9 Answer the following questions on this page:
1. What are the requirements to vote?
2. In which precinct do you live?
3. What is your polling place? Voter Page Page 10 Page 11 Election Issues Use the chart on EdLine to type information on the Republican & Democratic stances on popular issues Economy * Health Care* Immigration*Foreign Policy *Education *Social Security *Gun Control *Environment *Terrorism *Role of Government Pages 12-14 MAPS! Find maps for each of the following: *Number of electoral votes per state
--full country map
*November election results per state
--full country map
*North Carolina election results by county
--map of North Carolina counties REFLECTION Type a 1 page reflection about your experience completing this project Reflection is due on same day as election project; will be typed & printed in 12 point font; paper copy turned in Done!

Turn in completed projects to homework hand-in on EdLine

Each page will have its own due date to ensure the work is being done over the course of several weeks (instead of all at once)
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