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Pulleys: How do they work?


Christian Bohner

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Pulleys: How do they work?

Different kinds of pulleys What is a Pulley? A pulley is a free-spinning wheel around which a rope, chain or belt is passed. The simplest type of pulley is a fixed pulley, shown here. History of Pulleys The earliest known use of pulleys in by the ancient egyptians.

Later, Archimedes created a compound pulley for a contest. Effects on Society How Do They Work? Pulleys: How a pulley works A simple rope and pulley system consists of one rope length and one pulley. There are many variations of rope and pulley systems, each having a different number of pulleys or support cables which translates to a greater or lesser mechanical advantage. Thanks for watching! Less power required to move objects
Individuals can move large loads
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