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Zebulon Pike

Learn about Zebulon Montgomery Pike and his expedition to the Louisiana Purchase.

Sarah Casey

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Zebulon Pike

Zebulon Pike And his expedition to the Louisiana Territory! Pike's Instructions for the Expedition: locate the source of the Mississippi River Search for potential military sites Carry the American flag, to show people that they owned the explored land. The Expedition Begins Pike and his men survived by hunting game such as deer, beaver, mink, wolf, geese, ducks, bear, porcupine, elk, buffalo, silver fox, black fox, prairie hens, and raccoons. Events often conspired against them.... Ammunition blew up, terrible storms brewed, canoes broke, men got lost, and frostbite ate them up. Overall, Zeb and his crew traveled through Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Mexico, and Texas. Near the Mexican border, Zeb was captured by the spanish (see video) because he was waving our flag around in their territory. He claimed that it was accidental, and a few months later was released. AS HE RETURNS... Even though Pike failed to find the source of the Mississippi River, he expected to be welcomed back as a hero. Instead, he was accused for being in partnership with Aaron Burr, a former vice president, U.S. Representative, Lawyer, and MURDERER. Zebulon Pike ventured up a blue mountain he saw in Colorado, but was unable to reach the top due to impossible circumstances. Today, this mountain is known as "Pike's Peak". BURR CONSPIRACY Aaron Burr Jr. was on a career to success. Being the U.S. vice president to Thomas Jefferson, he was respected with honor and dignity. The conspiracy starts with Burr's idea of taking over the spanish and becoming the powerful ruler he had always wanted to be.
He needed a small army and an idea of where the Spanish were, and so was in cahoots with James Wilkinson (Wilkinson was not only the governor of the Louisiana Purchase, but the commander of the U.S. army, and therefore the guy who sent Pike on his expedition). Thus explains the idea behind Pike and the Burr conspiracy. In fact, multiple townships and landforms have been named after Zebulon Pike including Pike Township in Georgia. FIGHTING THE WAR

Soon after his expedition, Zebulon Pike was promoted all the way to General, and with the War of 1812 brewing, the Americans needed it. Pike fought bravely in this war, but ended up getting pummeled in the back with a rock that was sent up from an exploding grenade. He died the next day, but will be remembered for years to come. Zebulon Pike was born on January 5, 1779, in New Jersey. When he was 20, he was recruited as a Lieutenant in his father's fleet. In 1805, the commander of the U.S. army-- Gen. James Wilkinson-- sent Pike on an expedition to explore the Louisiana purchase. Dotted red is Pike's path on his exploration along the Arkansas River, and his path into the Spanish Territory. The End INFORMATION ON PIKE’S PEAK
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